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Author Topic: RedVex TS - Bristol - My first time  (Read 3627 times)

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I was just respectfully asking why when referring to TS/TV escorts is he being referred to as a she? I'm generally confused by this stance.  :unknown:
What's wrong with parrot man ?

Offline Andyply

No different to when you call your darlings Japanese when they are Chinese or Korean !
:D Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese on her knees, whatever at least I'm in the same ball park.  :D
This is a dude on hormones with some tits added, some ribs removed, excess belly fat added to his arse with long hair.  I've even read some guy claiming to have enjoyed f*****g his/her fanny when he was referring to the ts/tv escorts arsehole. I'm not judging just confused.... :unknown:

Offline jenner

This has reminded me of my experience with a Thai TS  back a while when she visited Plymouth. I call her a she as it doesn't make me think I fucked a bloke. I ought to do a review rather than blather on here.
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