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Author Topic: Sadie Long - London Incall (wowzers)  (Read 1595 times)

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Offline mbyrnes

Who: Sadie Long
When: 11/2015
Location: Central London
Cost: £400 (!)
Duration: 90 minutes
Services I used: Regular sex (many positions), deep throat (OWO), CIM, COF, Swallow


Body: 8.5/10
Face: 8.5/10
Attitude: 10/10
Service: 8.5/10
Overall: 9/10


Booking Sadie was pretty much TOFT due to the high cost and few details available. Turns out she is a sultry, lovely, English girl with impeccable service and attitude. That's where the money goes. Great curves, flat stomach, fantastic soft pair of large (fake) breasts. She's perfectly tanned, with dark eyes and hair. Highlights included fantastic view while tapping it doggy, and the best DT effort I've experienced. Worth mentioning she has a normal job, and is very discrete.

Longer version:

Obviously this was an expensive punt. I was kind of curious what that money gets you, and since I hadn't really punted much this year I didn't mind forking out to see. A while back when seeing KDD, I asked her who else I should meet. Not surprising, KDD mentioned Lia (http://missliaamelia.co.uk), whose flat we were using. Quite some time past and I was revisiting the idea so I got into reading Lia's blog on her website; It's really a spotlight for her friends. I came across a post about Sadie (which has subsequently been removed for privacy reasons) and decided to get in touch (Sorry Lia, maybe next time). After some emails back and forth discussing dates, times, preferences, services, etc. I made a booking. Sadie provided the address and throughout the whole lead-up correspondence was excellent, prompt and polite.

I arrived slightly early and go to knock the apartment  door... but it couldn't have been more awkward. What I now know to be a (normal) girl from one of the other flats had locked herself out, and she was wearing a night robe (haha). She was on the intercom to another flat in the building, asking to be let back in. However, bear in mind that I didn't really know what Sadie looked like, I thought that this was her, so I pretty much made a run for it, having just rung the buzzer to her flat. Oops. Turned out this girl wasn't Sadie, and we had a bit of a laugh about that when I did go back (2 minutes later, after a quick text exchange), which helped break the ice.

Anyway, I'm rambling a bit. Onto the good stuff. Sadie is fit. She's that kind of fit that is dirty, sexy, sultry fit. She's the opposite to innocent looking (kinky smile, deep dark eyes), but she's not trashy/doggy looking if you know what I mean. She's still classy. Dirty classy. Perfect. I hadn't ask Sadie to wear anything specific, but I wasn't disappointed: A tight little black cocktail dress, a small pair of ankle boots, and a provocative smile. Underneath were stockings, tiny thong, and a dick hardening black corset/basque lingerie piece.

Body wise, she's probably a size 10, but with flat stomach, great large breasts (that looked and felt real even without the lingerie), blowjob lips, and curvy bum. Taller than KDD, and a bit slimmer, she's the sort of girl that looks in shape (stomach helps), but is womanly with it. For what it's worth, her one adultwork photo is definitely shopped, but it doesn't matter because she's smoking anyway. FWIW, she looks a bit similar to pornstar "Franceska Jaimes".

Sadie didn't ask for the money at any point, and I almost forgot to give it to her because we were too busy chatting (recall the ice breaker mentioned above). She was sorting me wine/beer and music/lights, while I took a quick toilet break to freshen up.

The first session commenced pretty naturally, with some full on DFK while sat on the sofa, followed by some reciprocal groping. This escalated pretty quickly, until she's sitting astride me and dry grinding my cock through our clothes. I have a massive face full of her amazing tits, and she's kissing my neck, ears, face, mouth. She starts unbuttoning my shirt, kissing my chest etc. I ease her out of her dress to reveal the basque lingerie thing, and now her melons really are popping out beautifully. I'm stripped naked and she starts giving my a deep, wet, sloppy blow job that quickly becomes full on DT. This goes one for quite some time and I'm getting ready to blow, so I encourage her to change to 69, so I can grab a short break during the switch and lick her out to take my mind of what's going on down stairs. She tastes great, and is completely responsive. Eventually I decide to stand-up and really go for some face-fucking, which she's absolutely fine with, although struggling with the final inch or two (I'm average size). Now, she's gazing up with runny eye-liner and saliva everywhere, with those dark exotic eyes.... amazing.

Short aside -- She takes a short break to grab a tissue because at this point she doesn't know if I like the whole used-and-abused look (make-up going everywhere, etc.). I can certainly say throughout the whole time I was with her she was trying to find out what I liked, and do whatever was necessary to please me. The attitude was better than anyone else I've paid for sex. If it was possible to top KDD on effort, this could have.

We continue in the bedroom with some more BJ action, before she straps me in and we go at it with her bouncing away on top whisping all sorts of naughty things in my ear. DFK continues throughout. She alternates her on-top position from time to time, switching from grinding to bouncing. Eventually I throw her off and drag her into the missionary position. I really go for it, rubbing her clit with one hand while furiously pounding away. I eventually blow into the johnny with her legs waving around in the air.

Great chat in the break, during which she remains playful and flirtatious. She's attentive as ever, pouring more drinks for both of us. We polish of the bottle of wine and we're onto the beers. She asks me more about what I like, and I reveal deepthroat and all that comes with it is right up my street. I don't take long to recharge and she's back on the case putting everything she's just learnt into action.

Hardcore DT, pushing herself to the limit. I should say that she can't get it all the way down too often, but she's gagging and spitting everywhere and the effort is incredible. We go at it in doggy and in this position she looks amazing.... with a small tattoo at the bottom of her spine, soft tanned and a perfectly arched back and her awesome bum pushing back into my rock hard cock. Eventually she initiates taking the condom off and demanding that I cum on her tits, then changes her mind and says face, then changes it again and demand throat, then she suggests snowballing... all the while tossing me off and intermittently giving me a BJ :wacko:

At this point I'm all over the place and just blow my load in her general direction, catching some on her tits, a lot on her face and the second spurt into her mouth. I take hold of her head and ensure that I get my cock all the way down there. After, she makes some kind of comment about not wanting to waste any, and promptly swallows what I managed to direct into her gob.

We have some time left, during which point she's planning a Christmas party with me, her and Lia, but decides that she's going to try and get me off one last time (10 minutes) with a mixture of DT, and hand job. Unfortunately I'm not up to the task.... but again this goes to evidence her great attitude.

Overall, the service was great. I don't think anal was on offer, and we didn't get around to rimming and a few small other things. For £400 for 90 minutes I should have ensured I covered those other items, so perhaps that's my mistake because I'm confident Sadie would have been well up for anything I suggested. There was no doubting that during my time with her she was dedicated to my every desire. Was it worth the money? Very hard to call it, because for less you can get a great service too. However, when you consider she's English, not full-time, very hot and amazing attitude, you start to realise what you're paying for.

1 review(s) found for sadie_long61 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Nice review. I hesitated with Sadie because of her single photo.

Coincidental maybe but your story with Sadie is similar to my own and why I booked Tilly of London - also from Lia's blog, also £300 p/hr, also English etc. but I've gone back to her repeatedly as the looks, attitude and service were at another level to what I'd had with other girls.

I get that £400 is a LOT for 90 minutes but I'd pay it for a top, top experience.

Offline Jimmyredcab

£300 an hour with one totally shit photo.    :scare: :scare: :scare:

How on earth do these women get any business.     :bomb:

I'm interested to know how you explained away the fact that you'd turned up to meet a woman and didn't know what she looked like? Or was the other girl also a prossie and knew the score?

Offline mbyrnes

I'm interested to know how you explained away the fact that you'd turned up to meet a woman and didn't know what she looked like? Or was the other girl also a prossie and knew the score?

Well, it was complex I know, but I just wrote it into the chat box using my keyboard.

More seriously, no the other girl was not as far as I know. She lived in the building, which is a normal residential house converted into flats like most places in central London. Incidentally, in the original blog post on Lia's website, there were a lot more photos. However, her eyes etc. were always missing. So yes, I didn't know what she looked like, but I knew I liked what I saw.

I remember there were other photos but they didn't help much either

Offline yumyum3

£300 an hour with one totally shit photo.    :scare: :scare: :scare:

How on earth do these women get any business.     :bomb:
Because there's one born every minute  :rolleyes:

Offline mbyrnes

£300 an hour with one totally shit photo.    :scare: :scare: :scare:

How on earth do these women get any business.     :bomb:

Word of mouth :)

Definately word of mouth. Discretion for good reason and totally stunning and good fun.

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