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    Author Topic: New Swansea girl  (Read 580 times)

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    £70 per hour

    £2.34 per stone in weight

    Offline aardvark

    Methinks one would need to be hung like a horse to stand any chance of getting even the tip in!! Risk of injury if you fell off her!

    Offline ShyWolf

    Not even in my worst nightmares would I even.
    If she sat near me on a train I'd move so I wouldn't have to look at her  :vomit:

    While I'm ranting who is the fat chick on the BT or sky advert and why is she allowed to advertise anything if they want to sell it use models not random shity celebrities.

    Offline Redevil86

    That's not a phone , no no it's not a lap top , it's an I pad !

    Offline Mil 34

    If I got on top of her I would be scared I didn't burn my arse on the lightbulb

    Offline Redevil86

    Got to admire her guts to get herself out there, wrong end of my desire spectrum but she will have callers, I'd think ?

    Red, I agree. Give it up for her, she's out there doing her thing.

    Gents, each to their own. 

    Another positive............you could fry chips in that hair!

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