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Author Topic: Japanese Jayne 3180798 in Basingstoke  (Read 1193 times)

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Last week I had the urge for a Japanese girl, so I tried Japanese Jayne in Basingstoke. I was assured that she was indeed Japanese, but I really don't know. She looked near enough to the untrained eye, and a strange punt ensued. A very pretty girl, she massaged me first, not good at all. I wanted to finger her but she refused (not before I slipped one in there though!). OWO was £20 extra so I was rubbered up for OW. Okayish but I really wanted to fuck her. Started with cowgirl, but unusually for me I felt close to shooting, so changed to mish during which she did the authentic Japanese squealing, I didn't mind that at all! Then doggy, finishing in mish again when this time she just lay there which again I didn't mind. After cleaning up, she became very friendly, laughing as she showed me pictures on her phone. Not till she stood up for a final kiss (lips only) did I realise how short she was, 5 feet at most. 30 minutes £60.
I decided to return this week, texts told me that a new girl would be there. So I went again today and met Akana, a sublimely gorgeous Japanese (I thought so, again?). Such a tight body, perfect (for me) small breasts and not an ounce of fat on her. She was very friendly even though she had (as with last week's girl) limited English. We understood each other well enough though, and she ordered me to strip and lay on my stomach where she gave me a really good back massage for 15 minutes or so. This included a most unusual squeezing pores in my back and giggling as she offered me the hard pus for me to eat, all good fun. On with the mac and a really good ow, with her positioning herself so she could watch herself in the mirror as she gobbled. I found that a big turn on! She had already stroked my old feller and said it was much too big (it's not!), then compared the girth to her wrist, which made me feel huge! Sex was in mish only, I was really content with that. I had to start gently as she was indeed rather tight. When she said 'give me baby' I wasn't sure f she meant 'give it to me baby' or 'give me a baby', I took it as the latter and gave her a real pounding (still rubbered, of course!). She was looking at herself a lot in the mirror, so was I, looking at the action She was such a good punt but alas, they change the girl every week. So a rather useless two reviews, as you guys can't see them (although I imagine you could see Akana over the weekend?)
I will probably return, but I can't afford every week, although it does appeal to me! Positive for both but especially today's.

2 review(s) found for japanese jayne linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline SJ772

So they were working from the same apartment? You used the same number but found out it was not Jayne but the new girl, bit confused.  The first girl looks gorgeous if she's legit and assuming it the flats right by the station I know a LOT of WGs work out of there, and I am already going there later in the week to see someone else so interested in JJ.

The pictures seem to be generic, as these were neither of the girls that I saw.
As I said, a different girl is there every week, and I believe it's just one 'on duty' per week.
All I can reiterate is that both girls were stunning, the second one was a joy to be with, so very friendly and giggly!
But I've already been told that a new girl will be there next (this) week.

And yes, it is one of the blocks of flats just past Axa wealth. Really nice and clean bedroom.

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