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Author Topic: Lilly of the valley, merthyr  (Read 2754 times)

I tried to make a booking last week, a total nightmare, complete mess about, glad it didn't happen now !


Offline thatguy

Your not missing out, for her prices you can literally do better
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She's now 75 for half hour....you think it's worth it?

Offline jtfm

She's now 75 for half hour....you think it's worth it?
I think from the differing experiences the only way to find out is to see her, she was ok when I saw her others were not as fortunate, unfortunately that is punting.
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I attempted to see her Saturday evening
Booked on the Friday after initial enquires all through the last week
Good comma at all times
Confirmed Saturday morning
Cancelled as had an upset stomach 30 minutes before punt o clock
As others said a mess around

Guys,  I did have her number but have changed my phone, if you have her number can you please Send PM with her number. Thanks

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