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Author Topic: Luby Love Colindale - felt like I was with my Grandma  (Read 1161 times)

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Offline bungry


Saw her today for 1 hour B2B massage with showering together.  Cost £60 which I thought would be a bargain as I normally pay £60 for 30 mins.

Anyway, I did arrange to meet her last Friday but I did not bother in the end and went to GrandMassage.co.uk instead where I saw Kelly (one of my reviews).  When I booked her today she asked if I was going to bother coming as I did not bother to tell her last time.....whoops, she remembered.  Anyway I made some excuse about my phone not working when I arrived at her place so could not get her full address.  Arranged by text that I wanted B2B, showering together, touching and 2 pops.  She agreed which is why it was £60 rather than the advertised £50.

Location was a small studio in front of ASDA, actually an extension on the side of a house with a door on the side.  Entered, place is where she actually lives but is clean enough.  Bathroom and toilet clean with good power shower.  Not sure about clean towels, there was only 1 towel and she said it was clean :unknown:

Photos seems OK on AW website and when she first set it up she had her verification picture showing with her holding her passport.  She looked OK and she is 38 years old according to her passport but she looked near to 50 and it felt like I was visiting a grandma.  She even had some grandma slippers on and some short dress that looked like it was from the 80's.   She was polite though and had a smile on her.  She said she used to be a nurse back home.  From her verification picture I got the name, googled it and came back with some photos on various sites like google+.  She look quite nice when she was younger.

OK, so....

She told me to lay down and started rubbing cold baby oil on my back.  I told her it was b2b so she got up and took her dress off but left panties on.  Body is OK, slightly saggy B cup'ish tits and she is short at the correctly advertised 4'11.  B2B was totally crap!  I could tell this was the first time she had ever done a B2B massage, and I reckon I was the first ever punt she has had since see came over.  She was rubbing her body on my back but it was like she used just a single drop of oil.  No sliding what so ever.  I made my hands go behind and felt her waist etc but everytime I tried to feel her pussy through her panties she would move away.  I thought this is not what I came here for. 

15 minutes passed and same dry sliding that was annoying me.  She then asked me to turn over.  I thought it was a bit early and I thought ok she wants me out early.  I told her that I would massage her.  She was a bit surprised but said OK.  She lay down on her front and I applied the correct amount of oil on her back and showed her what a massage is supposed to be like.  I then grabbed her panties and slid them down.  Nice small bum but immediately squeezed her bum together and it stayed like that in a permanent position.  She also did not allow me to spread her legs as she kept them shut with strength.  I then lay on top of her and softly blew in her ear....

They way she responded I could tell she enjoyed that and she kept hinting to do it more by moving her ear towards my mouth.  I did and then she turned around and gave me a hug.  We then continued to keep hugging each other and stroking each other for the next 30 minutes and during this time she was moving towards me to FK me (and also actually tried), but I moved away each time (I don't do kissing).  Looking at her face I could tell she was shy and I could almost 100% sense that this was her first time with a punter and she was getting turned on.  I just know it.  Anyway during the hugging she kept wanking me.  Every time I was about to come I would move her hand away around my neck.  During this time I would try to feel her pussy but she would not let me.  Kept grabbing my hand and moving it away.  A bit annoying.  The most I got was playing with her clit while she squeezed her legs together, but she was very wet down there in the clit area. 

I wanted to pop with 15 minutes to go so I said lets go the the shower.  As we got in the shower room I picked her up and she just stayed straight so I grabbed her legs and wrapped them around me.  I tried to feel her pussy but she would not let me, kept moving her hand.  We then got in the small shower cubicle and did more hugging.  She kept wanking me and I now got to properly play with her clit, but no further down.  10 minutes of that and I was ready to explode so I asked her to kneel down so I could come on her tits, but forgot how short she is and my dick was at her face level.  She carried on wanking me and she pointed my dick at her face herself.  1 week of cum shot out all over her face, over closed eyes, hair etc but she just kept wanking me for a good 2 minutes after I came.  I just stood there and kept shaking.  It did feel good.  She washed her face in the shower and I said I needed to have a shower to clean up (that's funny because she was more in a mess and I said I needed to clean up!).  I showered, came out, got dressed had a bit of chit chat and then said thanks and left.

Only gave this a Neutral because we agreed that touching was allowed, but she did not really let me.  Maybe this is a border line Positive.

Would I return?  No, but only because she looks too old in the flesh.  I reckon I prefer to stick to my usual and pay a little more.

4 review(s) found for Luby Love linked to in above post (2 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Kaluuu276

Thanks for TOFTT.

Another lying bitch who has been exposed.

Is actually in my locality so glad to have avoided her.

What other good massage places can you share?

Offline bungry

100% go to Hammersmith (even if it is a TREK for you) and visit Isabelle at Maya Massage (see my reviews).  £60 for topless massage or £80 for B2B, both 1 hour.  She has great tits but have never felt below the waist.  Since her 3 times now but might try others from her team such as Klaudia.

FYI...I travelled 20 miles to go and visit Luby Love today!  Thought it was going to be totally worth it, but was not as expected.


Offline bungry

I have also been to EuphoriaMassage.co.uk in Northolt but have not reviewed that establishment because the girl I saw there have since left and there was one that I visited after my usual left and I did not really enjoy it.  Actually I will review her......keep an eye out for it today...

Dear Lord - the OP isn't having much luck.  He needs to go to SpecSavers, or better still take a good explore around this site.

Online James999

she looked near to 50 and it felt like I was visiting a grandma.  She even had some grandma slippers on and some short dress that looked like it was from the 80's. 

So she's in her 50's yet advertises as 28  :sarcastic:

No surprise you were disappointed  :thumbsdown:

Offline punk

Using some one else's pics.

Always double check when face is hid,be prepared to walk.

Offline bungry

She just looks 50 in the flesh, probably cos she had no makeup etc....She advertises 20 something but I knew she was in her late 30s because of her verification pic.  I seem to have some good massage places that I can go to.....I only wanted to go and see her as the vfm seemed too good.

Anyway, will stick with my usual places from now on....

Offline bungry

The verification PIC was her, she just had makeup etc on so I know it was her that I saw.  When I saw her today she had no makeup etc which is probably why she looked 50!

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