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Author Topic: Rean Thai Spa Andover  (Read 7593 times)

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Online paulj


visited this place a few weeks ago just after it had opened. Very smart and tidy as you would expect from a new facility.

Had an excellent massage and felt really good after for £45.

I did not have extras and I didn't ask. There was some minimal contact with my balls but a towel was used throughout.

I am giving this a positive because of the standard of the massage, the cleanliness and the fact that the lady was charming with very good English. There was still some work being done on the place and I have wondered since if that was why nothing was offered-or was it because I didn't ask.

Has anyone else got any experience of this place?


Offline Rhino12

I have just come back from here and I had a great massage with a HE. 
As the massage progressed the lovely Anna (owner) asked if I had had a massage before before offering an 'all over' relaxing massage.  I accepted and she duly obliged.
Anna was friendly, happy and had a lovely touch.

I asked for more details but I think that is the only extra they do, could be wrong though.

can I ask how much was the massage with a h /e ? thanks

Offline Rhino12

I was back there yesterday.
New girl called Jessy.   Very petite and pretty and had to get on the table and me to massage properly.
An hours massage is £45.  HR is 30 and topless HR is 50.
She said she did strip but that was more.  Didn't ask as wasn't spending that much.

Massage was very good, no towel and plenty of 'accidental' touching.
HR was very business like...  if no where else to go then it is a nice place to visit

Offline HantsGuy

Is this the one on colenzo drive?

thanks Rhino12 , I might pop in and check it out later today :-)

Can you just walk in or do you have any contact details?

so what the verdict guys, are the massages actually good here? can you get full sex with your massage and for what cost?

Offline Rhino12

Massages are good.  Small girl called Jessie there who has to sit on you to massage.
Services are HR for £30, topless HR for £50 and she said she didn't strip for more, didn't ask as didn't have that much on me.
HR was very business like.

Been here recently, with the sole intention of getting a good massage. I was not disappointed with the massage or the place. The interior is well presented and very clean, decent shower.
I extended from 1 hour to 1.5 half way through.
Massage was from Jasmine, when the massage ended up on enquiring about other services I was offered HE for £30 negotiated (easily) down to £20. It wasn't great could have saved it.
Will visit again sometime soon, but this time just for the massage.

I visited the place few days back with the intention of some adventure and fun. Jas was busy so I was asked if I would like to go with Nat. I did not wanted to but the receptionist asked me to have a look at the girl. I put the condition that I would only pay after seeing the girl and receptionist obliged.

I was made to sit in a massage room and asked to wait. Nat came in another 10 minutes. When Nat entered the room I was completely dressed and without any hesitation I asked if she do extras. She answered in affirmative and prices quoted was £50 for topless b2b massage with HE and £100 for fully nude b2b with HE.

 Nat was not slim but had a cute face so I fall over to give it a go. I was only carrying £60 so I could only opt for topless b2b. I gave her extra £10 in the start and asked if she could do something. As an extra, I was allowed to finger the fanny by sliding my hand through her lower dress. She really got wet after 5 minutes of fingering. After 15-20 minutes of fingering, stroking and nipple sucking, I came over. Nat was quick & courteous to clean it and provided tissues to wipe it.

Overall experience ok but I felt it was a rip off in terms of prices. £100 extra for a nude B2B is paying too much as you could get full services for that much. don't think, I would visit them again in near future.

** My first contribution to the forum so apologies if there is something which should not be there. I would learn slowly on how to write better reviews.

Late to the party I know but I visited yesterday and thought I would update the thread.

Initially I dropped into Lana Massage at the bottom end of town by the bingo hall,greeted by a very smiley and scantily dressed asian babe with huge fake tits, we went to the back room and she wanted £40 for half and hour massage and an additional £30 for a happy ending, plus another tenner for those massive tits to be on show. I haggled a bit but she wasn't going to budge so I said thanks but no thanks and left, I think this took her by surprise but I had already assumed the massage would be pretty crap as it was clearly a front for the other services. Back to the car I called Rean and asked if they had some free space and if they did extras. The answer was yes they had space and no they didn't do extras, I said "oh I was told by my friend who has visited that you did" and it was still a flat no and that those girls had all gone. So I thought maybe that was the telephone answer and drove across town to Rean and wandered in. Was met by 2 girls, one tiny little thing and who I later found out was the owner behind the till. I asked for 30 minutes which was £25 and was allocated to the tiny lady. She showed me to a room, which was very smartly presented and had a low level massage table/bed, the size of a a small double. She left the room after asking me to get undressed and came back a few minutes later, led me on my front and off we went. I opted for the hard deep tissue massage and that is exactly what I got, she was physically kneeling and elbowing me at times, but I have to say it was very good. She kept checking if I was ok and was very attentive. She went and got some hot towels and did my face and head and was extremely thorough. At all times she kept me covered with a towel and there was no suggestive touching going on. When she had done my back, she asked me to turn over and again made sure I was covered over. We got to about 5 minutes before the end and I asked her if she did extras, such as a happy finish and she said "not today" which I thought was a bit strange, but she told me in broken English that her boss was there today and that she would get in trouble if she did that. I pushed her a bit and she said ok, £20 for HE, fair enough I thought and she started to stroke my cock and then jumped up looking very spooked when someone walked past the door and said no no not today and that was it. She then said to me, next time you come back and she (her boss) isn't there then yes she would do extras for me so I will pay another visit to see her as she was a fit little thing. I dont think it was a scam to get me to come back, she hadn't offered or suggested anything up until I popped the question and I think was happy just to do the massage and nothing else.

I thought a starting point of £20, which I'm sure could be negotiated down, was ok and leads me to believe that for £60 or so you might well get her fully naked and a decent finish.

I will update this once I have been back, but so far so good.

Offline Breeder

Hi any update yet?

Ive been thinking of visiting but wanted to be sure they do extras first.


Maybe you could take one for the team and let us know?

Offline Breeder

Maybe you could take one for the team and let us know?

Visited here this morning and was not disapointed. I called ahead to make sure they had someone available, which they did. Was met by an older attractive asian woman, maybe mid 40's. She made a big song and dance about how some guy had come in earlier asking for extras and she sent him packing. She kept asking me if i knew what they did here. I guess this is just something they say to create an image of professionalism.

Anyway, i just figured what the hell, if the massage is good then who cares. She took me down to the end room, and started preping the room. I just stripped off, i figured if she was serious about no extras then she would say something before i got naked. I ended up waiting, stood there starkers as she kept sneaking glances at my cock! Lol. It was then that she made noise about other people wanting sex again, to which i acted surprised, "no really?". She left as i got on the bed to get a hot towl. When she came back she covered me over and started the massage.

The massage was good, she had really nice hands firm in the right places and she used her nails a little which felt nice. As she massaged each area she uncovered me, she was ontop of me at one point which was a real turn on. There was some 'accidental' touching as she got to the top of my legs but not much. When she turned me over she bought the towl up, at this point i started thinking maybe she was being serious! Then she only did my legs, and as soon as her hands came to my groin she very clear rubbed my cock and balls a bit. Then she asked if i wanted anything more, and said she only gave handjobs. Sounds good, i asked how much? She asked how much i usually pay and i said 20. She said she usually charges 30. Which is a bit steep in opinion, but i just went for it because i didnt have much time.

The handjob was good, she listened to instruction which was really good! After a few min i started touching her tits and she offered to get the out for another 20. Wow, what a pair of tits! Clearly fake but they were a great size and felt fantastic. I came after another 10min or so.

So in total- 30min massage for £30, the topless handjob was £50. The prices are a bit steep but overall it was a good experience.

If you go just dont say anything about extras until your having the massage as you wont get anywhere.

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