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Author Topic: Thai flowers anyone seen?  (Read 699 times)

Offline CK

Wonder is a genuine profile or not?

Offline Ade65

Genuine - they are the ones just off Chesterfield Road (over the tattoo shop, if I remember right).

Girls change regularly, but when I went in the past they were always nice.

Offline Ade65

Thanks Ade

No probs - they have been there several years at least; photos on the ads change, hopefully reflecting who is there at the time.

They don't respond to text, but do answer phone calls promptly.

The girls there sometimes also advertise independently on AW.

Offline mart802

Is indeed the one above the empty shop.
photos reflect the lady available.. usually stay a couple of weeks at a time.
service usually good. Been a few times.
never had a bad experience.

I have been a regular there for some years girls usually change every 2 weeks they keep coming back Tanya is the best I have seen

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