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Author Topic: 3'9"  (Read 756 times)

Offline Santiago


These girls are getting smaller by the day...


Simona has the longest likes list I've ever seen on aw. Added to the smallest..

Maybe she is a contestant for the Guiness book of record. :dance:

She's not 3.9 in height unless she lives in a scaled down dolls house too, standing beside that door in picture she's about average I'd guess, as for her likes list, that is impressive if true but there is no feedback so a big gamble.

Offline Morthos

Her 'About Me' tab is a triumph of Google Translate over the English language!

Offline Santiago

Definately a case of ...
Less is more  :cool:

Some of these profiles are a complete giggle...the wordsmith needs shot  :dash:

But there is a certain perverse enjoyment in finding these profiles and giving us a laugh.

Offline Raithfan

idiot offers anal with out condoms  :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:

the easiest way to catch an sti !

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