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Author Topic: Would you save money if your OH ate more pies??  (Read 1223 times)

I suspect that I am somewhat older than you and one of the lessons that I have learnt is people and relationships are very complicated and personal - you cannot apply what you would do, or what works in one relationship to other ones.  For some of us there will be other massive upsides with the relationship and the absence of sex is a gap we fill by punting. 

It really is a case of each to their own - just like punting!!

Plus I have kids who are at a very impressionable age. I would not risk a family disruption at this time. My life is comfortable and I am just fulfilling a need. Not going to pull the house down over it.

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I cannot understand how you married guys just put up with that...

If my wife tried doing that to me i'd make sure the relationship was rubbish on her end....
Agree. Its maybe the main reason why I'm not bothered about wanting a girlfriend just in case my life ends up this way (its the only way to be happy you know to get married and have kids!! lol)

I've been there done that with dating just trying to get laid, I'm ok looking, a lot of girls say I'm good looking, but at the end of the day girls always seem hell bent on not fucking on the first date, or trying to not have sex with you just to test if you're worth it. It amazes me how I hear all these guys talking about how they fuck all these *fit as fuck* girls like its so easy as if all girls are sluts. For me in reality it simply is not like that at all.

So, thanks to my parents who pushed me to get into college, I now earn a decent wage to be able to afford to see "fit as fuck" girls who let me fuck them... for money.

Its something work mates and the general public do not understand, all they see is prostitutes as if... the clients have to be utter ugly and couldn't pull to save their lives - albeit that is how I used to think as well because of societies views on the subject.
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