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Author Topic: Slimdoll - Hot in leather  (Read 1553 times)

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TOFTT today with Slimdoll - I had seen her on Avisbabes and another agency site and was interested because she seemed to have stocks of leather. However, £200 per hour was a bit steep and for that price, I would go back to HTF (who has some leather). However, Londonpunter30's kindly pointed me to her AW profile where she was £150.

Good comms - sent email and got reply soon after with request to book via AW. Confirmed services required and the fact I wanted her in leather. Once AW booking made, I then reconfirmed the services required. Got a fairly curt reply, but I put that down to her being Romanian.

Nice flat near Marble Arch tube - about 8 mins walk. Discreet entrance. She opened the door of the flat wearing exactly what I had requested - can confirm she is the girl in the pics. Nice flat stomach etc. Firm (fake) tits. Good skin. Took a shower and then got down to business, which in the first instance was OWO. No CIM though as that was £30 extra.

I would say that she is not the warmest of WGs. I would say she is very professional. This is a business for her. So whilst I didn't get giggles and smiles and laughs, she did get on with the job and she did it very well. She had good technique on the BJ, using the tongue whilst the head was in her mouth, and would listen to my requests e.g. lick up and down, flick the shaft etc. and to top it off, there is a mirrored wardrobe by the side of the bed so you can see her sucking away. She did bring her had to my cock but I told her no and she didn't do it again.

After I popped, we talked a bit whilst she teased the cock with her long (fake) fingernails. As I had cum last night and also just then, my cock wasn't getting stiff. I told her to wank it. She did so using industrial amounts of lube (at my request, she kept adding more as it felt so good). What was interesting was that I think my body was trying to cum and going through the motions of doing so, except all of my juice had been spent. Even though I was lying down, I was sweating and my body kept shaking as my muscles tensed (no, it wasn't ebola). This would subside and then start again. It was really quite thrilling.

Anyway, she wanked me off like a trooper for 15 minutes non stop (her hand must have killed) and didn't moan once. Hence my comment above - she didn't smile much but she got on with it, and did it well.

After I gave up trying to cum for the 2nd time, I went for another shower and then I noticed the huge amounts of lube she had used - no expense spared, and no complaints from her, or me for that matter.

If there is a negative, it is that she does not allow kissing - not even pecks on the lips, let alone DFK. She also said that she doesn't allow fingering or RO, although I was free to kiss her neck, tits and stomach. However, that didn't bother me. I was there for the leather, OWO and, I had requested doggy, but as always, I couldn't be bothered with the exertion and settled for that handjob.

Overall would I return? Absolutely. She looks hot in leather (and was hot so she had to take the jacket off), did a good job in sucking my cock (and the mirror was the cherry on the cake) and gave her all in giving me the HJ. If only I had abstained before, I am sure I would have had the orgasm of the century after the HJ! It is a pity she doesn't kiss. That would have raised the punt a level.

My tip for the top: confirm services with her beforehand as I did via email or SMS. Although I had some misgivings about the fact she is Romanian, she kept to her word and delivered what I had asked for.

1 review(s) found for SlimDoll linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Online webpunter

Straight onto HL.  What a good girl.  Liked the Ebola ref  :D


Thanks for the review bro. it is a shame no DFK no visit from me... :dash:

Offline Nagilum

Thanks for the review bro. it is a shame no DFK no visit from me... :dash:


Saw here about a year ago, I'm sure I did RO on her though but yes not much kissing at all.  Enjoyed my time and may see her again over xmas

One other thought about yesterday's punt which might be important. The OWO lasted for about 20 mins, but at around the 20 min mark, she asked if I was going to cum soon because her tongue or mouth (I can't remember which) was getting tired. As it happens, I was going to ask her to make me cum (instead of asking her to slow down) as I wanted some time for round 2, so it wasn't a problem, but I can see how it might piss someone else off. I was also a little worried at the 10 min mark that she might stop with the oral, because I left it a little late and I did some pre cum (I couldn't see it, but I could feel the tell tale sign of my cock pulsing). Luckily, she carried on.

As I imply in my review, she is not one for fluffies or the sensitive type. However, I had a great time, followed by a great kebab on the Edgware Road! I'm getting hard just thinking about it again.

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