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Author Topic: xx-HEIDI-xx Leicester  (Read 905 times)

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Offline MrBridger


Heidi has recently returned to escorting after some time away and works from the same flat as Mandy and Jessie (was Rosie), both of whom I've seen before, so I thought I'd give her a try. Jessie was in the flat too and popped into the room from time to time to say hello, although she wasn't able to join us. The whole place has a nice relaxed vibe about it, so I didn't mind this at all.

Booked in for an hour GFE with Heidi and a further hour of duo with her and Mandy, total £330. As it turned out, Mandy joined us after the first half an hour and left again half an hour before the end. Mandy has enough reviews on here so I will concentrate on Heidi.

Heidi is petite and slim (slimmer than I prefer to be absolutely honest) with what I'd call an attractive elfin face with pronounced bone structure; she has face pics in her PG and also in Mandy's but is better looking IRL than those pics show her. Her age is accurate, she has small natural tits with perky and responsive nipples and a shaved pussy with nice big labia, ideal for flicking and teasing with my tongue, which also got a good reaction from her.

We started with DFK and got each other undressed before OWO - Heidi is really good at oral, varying depth and pressure, using plenty of spit and flicking with her pierced tongue, a little bit of gagging which made her eyes water. I then flipped her onto her back and gave her RO with fingering. This made her very wet and she was making all the right noises, with her legs trembling.

Just as I was finishing her off, Mandy joined us and I enjoyed a combined blowjob from the pair of them before fucking Mandy's pussy in doggy (actually the first time I'd had my cock in there despite having seen her twice before). I didn't last long as I was very turned on and she was urging me to fuck her harder.

Cleaned up and had a chat and a drink (Jessie also joined us at this point, just for the chat sadly) before moving back onto the bed with Mandy & Heidi for round 2. Mandy modelled some new lingerie for this section, a crotchless pink number which also exposed her tits. I got on all fours to go down on M while H was going to town on my cock with her hands and also playing with my perineum. My reaction was so strong that M had to check what H was doing to me and get some tips from her.

Suitably turned on, and having given M a cheeky G-spot fingering while H sucked my dick again, M left us alone again and I put another condom on before taking H in missionary. Again she was very responsive and the earlier excellent handjob had really done the trick in stirring my tanks, so it wasn't much longer before I came again.

Finished off with another chat and a shower before making my way home.

Heidi is an excellent addition to the Mandy/Jessie show, and while physically she's not my ideal type, she is very skilful in many ways so if you see her you are guaranteed a great time.

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7 review(s) found for xx-FOXY-STACEY-xx linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Both Mandy and Heidi have good, but different techniques to get the little fella twitching. Looking forward to my next trip down south to Leicester  :thumbsup:


Hi Mr.B,
Thanks for the review, seems like you had a horny time with Heidi and the bonus of Mandy joining you must have been different.  Thanks for the tips, I will use them wisely when I have my duo with Heidi and Jessie which is soon
Nice one that man


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