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Author Topic: Birmingham NISA  (Read 990 times)

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FEEDBACK ON NISA! http://services.vivastreet.co.uk/massage+birmingham-b16/new-thai-nisa/121427867

So I arrived there just before 8.50, was on the phone to her as she guided me to which apartment it was and allowed me in the building. Got to her room where she opened the door. Now i'm not going to lie @ first she didn't look so good but when I got in to the room.. much better is all im gonna say. But anyway my whole gameplan I used was to go on like I haven't had one of these before and didn't know what to do. I asked her "how much" then she started going on about she does 40 for massage and additional 20 each for HE and B2B (I knew this already of course).. I knew how much i had on me because i put the money in separate pockets ready, so I goes to her im not sure how much i've got (Knowing i've got 70 ready) so I've put my money out on the bed and she was like "no more money?" I was like no sorry I didn't know how much was needed I only thought I was getting a massage. she then goes she will allow me £70 for both HE and B2B but next time will be £80. Fair enough I didn't complain, at this point I was already satisfied

THE MASSAGE - I found it nice to be honest as I had a lower back problem which was sorted. it wasn't the proper massage though when they start putting you in the cobra clutch lol just normal body rubs and such, but I needed it anyway so didn't bother me.

NISA - Gawjus and a great personality. Honestly we got talking and it felt like I've known her for ages. There was a lot of laughter shared along with some flirting of course. she's very easy going and bubbly so I suggest you all conversate with her instead of being a boring sod and just laying there.. & OOH STAPLER..SHE HAS A REACH!!  :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

THE EXTRAS - First the b2b of course. Used her amazing breast up and down the back and front of my body *BONER ALERT* she was like "are you horny" I told her how can I not be with her standing in front of me  :sarcastic: but then it came to the HE.. she was getting annoyed that I wouldn't cum quick enough and thought I had a toss before I came (Which I didn't) lol so I guess that's a compliment. but then I came on her breast and then she even showered with me after. Now for £70 I don't know what I missed? I was finished at 10.20 aswell. I deffo think I will get more from her my next visit though. If any questions do ask as I really can't remember every detail so questions will ring bells.


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