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Author Topic: Paraguayans  (Read 318 times)

Offline Bobdayley

I have noticed more Paraguayan escorts are coming to AW in the UK section.
One has to be aware that they do a lot of switch & bait
They tend to get very quick positive feedback (obviously fake)
If you add them to your hotlist after a week or two you will notice the picture on the profile has changed with an ugly one

I have found another one...

https://www.adultwork.com/3107729 or https://www.adultwork.com/SORAYA%5FPORNO+STAR

Anyone has experienced a Paraguayan escort before?
Banning reason: aka Kennedyr007

Offline SamLP

There's an influx of South American girls coming from Spain, Italy & Portugal where the economy has taken a big hit. I've seen a few but not anyone from Paraguay. I did spot one Mexican profile last week and was interested as I've always wanted to fuck a Mexican girl.

Well that would be a miracle. Italy, Spain and Portugal have moved just a few thousand miles to South America

Whoops, sorry. Misunderstood your comment.

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