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Author Topic: Pornstar Melissa 69 - Melissa Bailey - back on form  (Read 1592 times)

9 review(s) for PORNSTAR MELISSA 69 (8 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline mrx007

This girl: https://www.adultwork.com/3075087

Saw her at the weekend, in Bow. Now I know where the place is I know I can park nearby after 6.30pm. First time finding it was more than confusing.

Third time I've seen Melissa: first time incredible, 2nd not so great (still good) and this time - she's back on form.

Description: like her main profile pictures, the others in the gallery are from pro shoots and a bit too airbrushed. Melissa is slim with a few tasteful tattoos: I wasn't totally sure it was the same girl as in the videos originally but I checked out her tats to be sure and she is Melissa Bailey.

Melissa remembered me: she likes guys to shower so, though I am always freshly showered, I went through the motions anyway.

Back in the bedroom. Melissa asked me what I like and I replied something along the lines of "having my cock in your mouth, Melissa". She smiled and said "deep throat". Her English is limited but she is smiley and makes some dirty small talk so she'll do for the purpose.

In short: knelt on the bed, Melissa got low on all fours and sucked and sucked and sucked. Licked my cock, let me smack her face as hard as I could. Really I tried to smack her lips and cheeks to see if she would tell me to stop but she took it all with a smile.

On ething that was super erotic was she started to sweat lightly and just caressing her body all over was an amazingly erotic experience when she was starting to get hot. Her pussy, ass, legs, back: all amazingly sexy covered in a light sheen. Shows how hard she worked at my cock.

Told her I wanted to cum on her face. She covered her eyes rather exageratedly whioch wa sthe only off-putting thing. I told her I wouldn't get it in her eyes.

Ended up with her lying down while I rubbed my cock on her face, smacked her face with the cock, lowered my nuts into her mouth while I wanked and she sucked and licked those bursting nuts.

Coated her face with sperm and she smiled and rubbed my ejaculating road all over her and took the spurting fuck pipe into her mouth. Totally deluged her.

Great girl. Said a couple of words about how dirty I am (I like to hear this) then went to clean herself up. I'd prefer her to sit and talk for a few minutes with her face glistening if I have the choce.

Good points: everything. She is fucking hot and made for sex.

Bad points: She said she is going home to Hungary and may not be back before Christmas.

9 review(s) found for PORNSTAR MELISSA 69 linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Kaluuu276

Was this a 15min suck and facial and if so how much did she charge?

I'm looking for a genuine facial provider for my first time.

3 reviews of the same girl in just over a month,some strike rate

Offline Excalibur

Mrx, who do you reckon provides the best facial experience, Melissa or HOD Michelle?


Thanks for the review! She goes to my HL right away

Offline herbie007

Thanks for the review, she looks horny as fuck and hot listed, even if I’ve got to wait till next year to shag her. :drinks:

Offline mrx007

Mrx, who do you reckon provides the best facial experience, Melissa or HOD Michelle?

I'd say Michelle is closer to 100% dedicated to your satisfaction so I'd rate her slightly ahead though I prefer Melissa's looks facially (especially coated).

Both have similar bodies. Melissa was £80 for half hour.

Offline Excalibur

Thanks mrx. With Melissa now on rest and recuperation then no decision to make.

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