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www.adultwork.com/1430011 or https://www.adultwork.com/Chantells

After reading a negative review of Chantells I thought I would give my experience. I am 60 years old and brand new to punting having had just a single massage with HJ, a CIM and this visit to Chantells, and so I know I might miss things an experienced punter would consider necessary. I have gone into some length.  I started off thinking it might be useful to other Newbies, but the reality is that I just enjoyed writing about it as there is no one in my life I can talk about this with. Having reread this after finishing, I have gone into way too much detail so if you are reading this you probably need to skip quite a lot.

I decided to visit Chantells in the morning. I thought it would be quiet and for a first visit, when I would be nervous enough, I certainly didn’t want to bump into a lot of people. I had no trouble finding a parking spot in the adjoining streets having checked on Streetview previously.

Communications were excellent. I had phoned once previously when I was making a general inquiry and again on the morning I went. Both times the woman answering the phone was friendly and made me feel I would be welcomed. When parked I was given clear precise instructions as to where the back entrance steps were located.

The door was answered by a woman in her 40’s dressed in a bright pink dressing gown and slippers. Her appearance did not give a classy first impression. She gave me what I thought was a serious, almost severe look, but on reflection I think she was just trying to figure out whether I had been there before. Also I was pretty sensitive to everything. She greeted me and told me to follow her. She took me the length of the flat and straight into a bedroom.

She asked me to stay there and disappeared. A moment later a girl appeared in the doorway. She looked young, with a pleasant smile and glasses. She was wearing a Basque and suspenders. Her demeanour was welcoming.  She said her name was Amber and I said it was nice to meet her. Amber disappeared and the lady in pink came back. She asked me what I thought of Amber and I said she was a lovely girl. She asked if I was happy to see Amber I said yes, feeling a nice glow. I was brought back to earth quickly when she abruptly asked me for the money. I gave her £40. She told me to get ready and that Amber would come in a few minutes.

Being new to punting and having never been in a parlour before, I had no idea what to expect. From reading other reviews, I have picked up that this was the start of the selection process, and if I had asked to see other girls they would have appeared at the door. Having picked Amber straightaway I have no idea how many other girls were available.

As I took in my surroundings I was not impressed. This was no Hilton hotel. The bedroom had low lighting from two bedside lamps in opposite corners of the room. It looked like everything was second-hand. The dark carpet was roughly laid with a loose join where two pieces were just laid butted together. The bed had a nappy sized, plastic backed, disposable paper towel in the middle. Again it was anything but classy. Mind you I suspect that many SP’s beds have no protection at all.

I undressed and lay face down on the bed. A few minutes later Amber came in. She was bright and cheery, giving me a lovely smile and saying hello. I said I was nervous and she told me what to expect. She said she would massage my back, and when I was ready I could turn over, she would suck me and then slip onto me. At my age to hear an attractive young woman telling me this was quite simply thrilling.

She slipped off the Basque and took her knickers down. She stood there in only hold up stockings. She was slim and lovely. She has small breasts, a lovely little waist, lovely legs, and I got a flash of her beautiful pussy as she sat beside me. It was a gorgeous vision for me.

She started to rub my back. I won’t call it a massage but any touch was wonderful. She made polite conversation as she did so. I can’t really remember what it was about but I did feel it was an attempt to be friendly. She didn’t touch my bottom which I would have liked and she asked me to open my legs. She then slipped a hand down and started caressing my balls occasionally moving her hand down to my hardening cock. I was gently purring with pleasure.

I said I wanted to turn over and did so, she lay across my legs. She used her hand on me until I was fully hard and then put the condom on. She cleaned the lubricant off with a wipe and started to suck me. I had never had a BJ with a condom on before. I love BJ’s but in many ways I think it is the attention as much as anything else. I was surprised at just how good it was. I very politely asked if I could touch her, which considering she had my dick in her mouth made me smile inside. ‘Oh of course’ she answered and I leaned over to her, running my hands over her delicious, clear skin, and then gently kissing the outside of her thighs. Maybe I was just so excited anyway but within a few minutes I could feel I could easily cum. I pulled back a little and said I was ready for her to slip on to me.

She stood sideways at the side of the bed and applied some lubricant to her pussy. She gave a little start with it being cold. I wished she was standing face on as I would have loved to see her applying it. She then straddled me and lowered herself onto my hard cock. I held her hips and ran my hands up to her small breasts. It was a glorious moment. I was determined to take in every little detail. After a little while I sat up and started to kiss her breasts. She held them in her hands and wiggled them into my face. I lowered again she put her hand back and started to play with my balls. I had no need of encouragement and held her hips to stop her moving not wanting to cum too quickly. At one point I froze and she stopped completely as well. She asked me if I had filled the little bag. I said no not yet. I am not too sure how long this went on.  I absolutely adore cowgirl and wanted to cum this way but I also wanted to try other positions. I asked if we could change and she instantly said ‘oh yes’ as if she should have suggested it first.

She lay on her back and I again got a lovely view of her pussy as I moved onto her and entered her in Missionary. Again it was glorious. In a short time I knew it was hopeless trying to drag it out any longer. I told her I was going to cum and then pounded into her and exploded pushing and driving as hard as I could manage. Phew.

After I finished I was deeply satisfied. She was sweet and friendly. She made some little small talk, asking me what I had planned for the rest of the day. I said I was going to walk my dogs and her face lit up and she asked me about them. It was a nice friendly way to finish as I got dressed.

Again she was as pleasant as could be as she saw me to the front door. On the way back down the landing I saw inside the kitchen and I thought there is no way would I be happy if that was the state of my works kitchen. At the door she gave me a little peck while saying goodbye.

Good communication.
I got what I was expecting.
Amber was sweet, friendly and welcoming all the time.
She had a lovely body and skin.
Amber sucked me wonderfully and was attentive throughout.
I felt I got value for what I paid.

The state of the flat was poor. I was geared up to go through with it no matter what, and it would have been near impossible for me to walk after having got myself through the door. However I am glad I didn’t see the room in full light (or then again perhaps I have high standards).

I have no idea how long I was with Amber. I have a feeling that I didn’t get my full half hour. However I was fully satisfied and so this is really a minor irritation, but I would still have liked to know how long I was there.
I wish I had seen more girls. I think their AW profile says two are always available.
I wish I had directed Amber more to get what I wanted. I would have loved to see her pussy in its full glory.

Would I return? Yes.

3 review(s) found for LIBERTYS  linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Good review Jack. You would be much better off seeing an independent girl. The psrlours are a bit of a lottery. It sounds like you had a good experience, but often the choice is poor and girls are uninterested. Generally I would ignore adultwork feedback and do a search on this site for your chosen girl.

Thanks for the sound advice Charlie.

I guess she was HOT TIGHT and WET then eh? Bet she was loving it too? Was she loud? (salivating)

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