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Author Topic: Your Lara - Paddington, positive but with caveats  (Read 1615 times)

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£80 for half an hour.

The girl is the girl in the heavily airbrushed pictures. I saw her because her verification pic used to be on show and she looked hot. SHe's around 5'5", slim (real size 8) with a small waist, short-ish dark hair, and a really pretty face. I don't want to go all fluffy but her eyes are gorgeous. Her tits are a nice handful but her nipples are almost smooth to the breast so not as much fun to play with as I had hoped. Great legs.

Service was very good. Nice OWO but not too deep (as stated on her profile), good technique with little hand use. Went in for some RO which she responded to but only allows clit rubbing, no fingers inside. I only like light FK which she did passionately, good GFE impression. We only fucked in doggy and cowgirl. Her cowgirl is excellent, she rides like a storm. Finished with CIM which was spat into wet wipe.

A sticking point is her almost complete lack of English. She understands a bit but there's almost no conversation. I couldn't spend an hour with her as my recharge time is 15 minutes or so and it would just be a long awkward silence. She tries, and will laugh at your shit jokes but it's pretty obvious she's doing it to be polite.

The other thing is that the flat she's working from is getting very indiscrete. There's too many WGs there at any one time (it's the place Naughty Natt works from) so there's a lot of footfall and it's a small-ish converted townhouse. I bumped into two neighbours just going in. I'm giving the place the swerve from now on which is a shame, Natt is worth another visit. I also saw New Hot Christina while I was there and she looks to be worth a tumble as well.

Great girl, getting to be a dodgy venue.

4 review(s) found for your lara linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Online boardyhell

she looks cute as hell,its quite nice that she admits that she can't deep throat ,she is in a niche market there
natt is one of my favorites and the first time i saw her,i was asked to wait about 10 mins ( by the receptionist) as the room was busy
i can understand why they do it,paddington is expensive other wise its a trek to enfield or hounslow,still its annoying

Offline diamond_dawg

New girl now using this profile. No where near as fit as the old lara

Banning reason: STD troll

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