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Author Topic: Sam  (Read 976 times)

Offline guns

Just reminiscing about my favourite punts and Sam is one who always springs to mind .
Anyone remember her ? She was a redhead that worked from drumoyne and then moved to a flat at the quay . I think she called herself " Nurse Sam " laterally .
I must have seen her about half a dozen times over the years and she was great .
She was one of my first punts when i was about 19 and a bit shy . She could sense it and put me at ease right away .
I remember her asking what services i wanted and i was like , " em..i'm not sure" so she says , " ok , why don't i suck your cock then you can fuck my pussy and arse and cum in my mouth "  . I was kind of lost for words at that point  :lol: .
That was one of my best punts ever , if not the best . She had a great body and was a really friendly Scottish girl .
I went to see her a few times after that but i think the last time was when she was a bit older and the punt wasn't as good . That kind of spoiled my memory of her a bit but in her younger days she was brilliant .

Offline hoopbhoy

Saw her in her later days at the Quay location. Answered the door in a wee nurse out fit with tits spilling out of it. Memorable for her demanding I fuck her tits and empty in to her mouth. Swallowed every drop. She was a good lass.  :thumbsup:

Offline David1970

I saw Sam in her early days she was great, saw when she came back, a lot fatter and all talk and not a lot of action. She had a young Indian girl working in the flat which really put me off.

Offline Birdie99

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Offline guns

Yeah , that first punt with her she swallowed my full load as well . Fantastic !

New to the site, saw Sam a few times down at the quay location. She was up for anything. Does anyone know if she is still working??

I remember Sam when she was in the flat by the Quay. As most have said, fuller figured red head. I remember her nurses uniform and its inability to contain her breasts well. Always found her fun enthusiastic, willing to try most things and gave me the spanking of my life once for being late.  :scare: :lol:

Anyone know if she's still working

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