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Author Topic: Hanna Sex-Love - 2715522 - South Croydon / Purley  (Read 1084 times)

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Offline Urban_G

I was passing by London this weekend and planned to combine it with a punt. Due to the lack of Latin birds in my normal punting ground I really wanted to see one as there seems so many in London. I had done lots of research leading up to my trip but unfortunately when i got to London my plan A wasn't available and my plan B, which was in the same area, took the piss with her prices (for an unknown girl she wanted £90 for OWO / sex) so I left.

I was in a bit of dilemma now as I had taken a huge detour and was already running later than scheduled, but I admit I was kinda desperate for a punt after the anticipation had been building up all week. I scoured AW for girls between my current location and my destination and Hanna's caught my eye. Not only because she was Latin and looked hot, but because I remembered seeing her profile ages ago and she appealed to me then. I called her up and she told me 30 mins was £60 + £10 for OWO, so I made my way to her place once she sent the postcode.


The 2nd image is the most representative of her looks.

- Good comms, sent me her postcode immediately, called upon arrival and gave me her flat number.
- Pretty girl, petite with a slim, firm body & enhanced tits (which I quite like).
- Sweet natured girl with a friendly attitude.
- 30 mins for £70, good VFM.
- Nice OWO, not the best but certainly not the worst, didn't use her hands, some eye contact.
- Sex in a lots of positions (cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, squatting, doggy, doggy on her tummy, mish + variations).
- She did everything I requested without complaint (position changes, more OWO when she first reached to put the condom on for sex).

- Looked a little older than her pics / profile suggest.
- Not the greatest English but more than enough not to have any problematic instructions or conversations.
- Let me rub her pussy, but no fingers inside.
- No kissing, although while in mish I did try and give her a few kisses on a couple of occassions. She didn't turn away or say 'No' but didn't really reciprocate.

- Her place seemed a bit out of the way, OK if you're driving. Not sure about transport links.
- The place is a little pokey, you walk straight into the 'bedroom' from the front door, obviously what is designed as the living room. Shower didn't work well, I didn't manage to get a constant temperature, it was either too hot or too cold, but she was very apologetic about this.

Final thoughts:
I left feeling that this was an excellent and very satisfying punt. Despite thinking she looked older than I was expecting (I think she looked about 32) I found her attractive and she has the body of a 21 year old. I particularly liked that I took control (which I don't always do) and she didn't complain once. I would definitely recommend her and if I was in the area again I would have no second thoughts about a return visit.

She was quite complimentary of me (as I was her) and told me I looked like Tom Hanks. I gave her a puzzled look and sarcastically said "Thanks" but she replied "He is a handsome man." I've just read her 'interview' page on AW and her favourite film is 'Forest Gump', I hope that's not what she meant :cry: :sarcastic:
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Offline pumps

£70? has she lowered her prices by a tenner now or did you pay for an extra?

I've been to that flat before, as you walk through the door your on the bed.

A bus does go down that road but I agree it's well out of the way if you don't drive.


Offline Urban_G

£70? has she lowered her prices by a tenner now or did you pay for an extra?
I don't know what her prices were before I saw her.

Just to make it clear, I paid £70 in total. She told me when I first phoned to make enquiries that 30 mins was £60 and OWO was an extra £10.

Offline pumps

yeah I read through the review abit quickly - I see the £10 extra was OWO.

pretty cheap latinas usually demand £20.

Offline baretta

Op glad you had a good punt I may need to visit this place ten pounds for owo fucking hell it must be Xmas normally it's twenty :hi:
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Offline ramrodronnie

I wouldn't shout about it too much on here guys. If she, a pimp, or one of her friends read what you're saying? She may up OWO to £20   :hi:
Banning reason: Undesirable

Offline pumps

I wouldn't shout about it too much on here guys. If she, a pimp, or one of her friends read what you're saying? She may up OWO to £20   :hi:

Why? they pocket extras for themselves so its nothing todo with the pimp or friends. I'd probably agree a friend or super fluffy jobs worth punter might advise them to request more money, but she has probably been advised of that already as the other hookers I've seen who work out of that place charged £20.

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