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Author Topic: Alyssa Divine in Cardiff this week!  (Read 927 times)

Offline Punt37

Just seen her profile an aw. Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th!

£250 per hour tho... always wanted to see her, but thats a lottery win right there. :dash:

Noticed that myself. She is my ultimate number 1 fantasy fuck but at those prices I'd have to sell an organ  :timeout:

Offline mr big

love to see her but at those prices forget it and she don't do owo

Online Redevil86

Any chance a link so can see what I can't afford !

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Online Redevil86

Cheers  b b , yes she looks great  and presumably she's great. but for another 50 squid I'm getting W B and Casey love for the same hour, not knocking it, if she can get it good luck to her, just way over me pocket money  for what one gets , Cheers again .

Offline Punt37

I'm really torn on this. She's not down here much and i would love an hour with her.

But  £250 is a lot of cash, and that could get me more action!

Then again, that body  :yahoo:

Online Redevil86

If your tourn p 37 you can probably afford it at a push , I have a triple header cuming up ( 3sum )  I have 4 days in Scotland coming up , couple of birthdays about 5 or 6 Xmas  works duos and Xmas it's self, so 250 an hour, can't do it, but Ashley's in town tomorrow but I'll give her a miss this time because I just got to see Rachel- superstar next week in Cardiff, 165 an hour, not cheep but not 250, I can see W B twice and have a tenner toward the diesel for that and I simple can not comprehend how she's more than twice as good as W B ? Well let's be honest she's not, she may be good but she's not twice and a tenner as good. But like Molly Mathews if I've got the money I will see her once for the experience and maybe from that angle go blow ya tubes out with her , it'll be fun what ever happenes.

Offline jtfm

Sure I seen her in Bristol a few years back, if it was her she wasn't up to much.
Banning reason: Accusing other members of being pedos

£250 for an hour .... No chance ... I can get a cheap Holliday for that.  I've not met the lady but I would imagine photo shop comes into the equation .

£250 for an hour .... No chance ... I can get a cheap Holliday for that.  I've not met the lady but I would imagine photo shop comes into the equation .
Not at all, I have seen her and reviewed, she has done lots of porn so Google her and you will see she is exactly as her pictures

The issue is the service, she doesn't do owo and is a clockwatcher, she is extremely hot though...

Online Redevil86

And to me ( obviously the better she looks the better ) service is everything, especially at £250 an hour ! Booked Rachel- superstar for next week @ 165 and that made my arse twitch but the odd one at that price I can handle.

I still remain adamant that £250 is excessive .  I saw 2 "ladies" this week in the north of England.
On the first occasion I was assured she would dress as requested ( just a simple mini dress) arrived to be greeted by a basque wearing lady. Ok decent body so I thought I would still bang it. Up the stairs and the bedroom was a shit hole. Told her so and I walked out.
Next one :- polish same dress requested. Met me in underwear. Fk was promised ,,, you got it chaps " sorry I don't kiss"
As she had a good body l Fucked it anyway and left

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