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Author Topic: Caroline2505 (South Harrow, HA2)  (Read 632 times)

4 review(s) for Sara2505 (2 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline The_Don

https://www.adultwork.com/3176521 or https://www.adultwork.com/Caroline2505

Boarder line neutral (could have been, positive)

Kissing (very basic)
Hand job
Penetration (Protected)

Price: £80 per hour, (no extras)

Comm's: Via phone calls and text. Caroline, English is ok to good (she picks up her calls)

Location: New flat in a block on a estate. Bedroom was basic and clean small to medium sized. With a low bed, that didn't make much noise.
Bathroom was clean with a real bath + shower attachment and some toiletries.
Free parking in near by supermarket for a few hours (5 mins away). Parking zones on side roads (Mon - Sat 10:00 - 11:00 then 14:00 - 15:00) 
Tube, South Harrow, 6+ mins walk.

Pictures: Don't really show a lot, but its her, didn't sub to the PG (as I've stop giving A/W my cash)

The girl: Mid to long brown hair, size 8-10 (is fair) 5 foot 5, Late 20s to early 30s, real tits (B/C cup) and a slim figure, with some tattoos.

Would I visit again: 50/50

Plus +  ok to good attitude (IMO), good work rate and a little wild in cowgirl  :thumbsup:

Neutral: A clock watcher (plugged in a radio clock) and I got 'the time is nearly up warning' (but I did get my full time, even though I was late).

Negative - She asked several times; where do I come from (on the phone and in person). Thus got the feeling (from her replies), that race (and nationality) could be an issue (for her).

I will add:

I've been to this location before (not the same flat) its like a maze and a pain to find your way around, thus I was late.
I Kept her up to date and she gave me good direction and found my way to the flat in the end.

I prefer, OWO and CIM to be inclusive and had the base price been £100, I still may have booked. But I opted for no extras (OWO is £10 and CIM is £10).
Thus I think she found it hard to deliver a better service :unknown:    In hindsight I can't state (@ £100) she VFM, at her current level. 
I felt the GFE, lacked some passion and no FK or DFK, only added to this.

On the drive back, I was reflecting on the positives and negatives, of this punt and neutral is fair (IMO)

She works with 1 other at the same location who I didn't see but could hear, in the back ground

Below is a current picture (+ Album) : and profile

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4 review(s) found for Sara2505 linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline collector

She works with 1 other at the same location who I didn't see but could hear, in the back ground

Should be Julia.

Offline The_Don

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3 review(s) found for Julia_9319 linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Thanks for another great review. Previous reviewers rated her looks as 8/10 and the other review called her gorgeous...

I will pass as no fk is no good for me. Not being able to snog a good looking gal is a downer. I have julia in my HL and she tells me she does offer it, so will see her at some point.
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