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Author Topic: English-Indian  (Read 1047 times)

Offline Andyply

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2959857
I've placed 2 RB's for an upcoming visit to London.  Received over 16 bids and a few AW emails out of the blue.  This lady has introduced herself  but there's no UKP information on her, quite pricey for an hour, is there any intel?
I do like Agent Provocateur lingerie and stockings  :)
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She just randomly emailed me on AW too but didn't bid on my RB, odd approach.

Offline Andyply

Maybe it's not connected then, I did email back twice, she's read them both but no reply, what odd behavior ...... :wacko:
Not such a bad looking lass but does she have the usual poor attitude associated with Indian wg's?

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Offline ar

I am sure she is not indian. Hairstyle indicates flipino/thai origin.

Offline KentAde

Did the same to me..reported as 'spam' immediately...
Teach her for sending shitty copy and past emails...

Offline Andyply

That's even better then...     :dance:  very tempted to toftt on this one...... :blush:
« Last Edit: November 16, 2015, 07:44:09 AM by Andyply »

Her pics & style of pics ( clothes, poses etc ) reminds me of another Indian girl Ruby
who use to work as a Independent a few years ago, similar prices as well.

Ruby was all style over substance ... so at 250 a pop takes a brave man to TOFTT.

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