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Author Topic: Does anyone remember in Walton...  (Read 326 times)

Offline bangstick

there were two girls operating out of a house and calling themselves perfectpartner4u or something similar.

Polish girl, Ania and a girl called Maria who claimed she was greek.  Does anybody remember them or where they might have went?

Both had a bodies built for sin, and both had an enthusiasm for fucking and providing an awesome service that restored your faith in working girls - (i've recently read saafe, and that's enough to put you off ever seeing one again given that apparently we're all wierdo's and c**ts).

The name perfectpartner4u does ring a bell, but I imagine they would have retired early like so many seem to do. With regards to SAAFE. I'd just take that with a pinch of salt, they only represent a minority of WG's in my opinion, the minority being the ones with the dusty phones!

Offline bangstick

r getcha, thanks for the heads up.

PP4u admittedly was nearly seven or eight years ago now.  thanks again.

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