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Author Topic: Sexy Thai Chic - Cambridge  (Read 790 times)

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Visited here for the first time and met Sonia.

Located in a flat above a supermarket in a small suburb of Cambridge.

Easy to find easy parking and access from a side alley. Sonia opened the door and when I said I am here to see her, she burst into an enthusiastic welcome and led me upstairs.

Dealt with the paperwork and she returned having changed from the white "hotel" dressing gown into a LBD and high heels.

Started with a massage which was expertly given and worked hard on my painful lower back. Big thumbs up for the massage however it lacked the sensual ball tickling and teasing I enjoy.

Turned over to be greeted by this naked beauty with a body to die for. Sadly no kissing but she was cool with a bit of delicate fingering while she delivered a good OW including the obligatory ball tickling after which we moved on to sex. She started off cowgirl and the we moved to doggy and probably one of the best shags of my life. She really worked it well.

With some time to spare she gave a very good and firm massage to my legs and once she had finished time was up. Not a clock watcher and very friendly, warm and chatty. A really lovely lady. The pictures are genuine but she might be 3-5 years older than her stated 25.

Claims to be doing this for the first time but mentioned she also works in Peterborough and Oxford. If I get the chance I will definitely visit her again and possibly for an hour. Only slight big bear was she tried for a short while to up sell Anal at £40 which I rejected.

Good luck if you visit and I must say Sonia is a true gem even if the services are a little restricted.

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1 review(s) found for sexy thai chic linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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