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Author Topic: Punting some girl you know.  (Read 636 times)

Offline Big Black Rod

Any body ever turned up to punt a WG and found they knew her or offered money to punt somebody they know or work with? :drinks:
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Half way through a BJ was asked hows my mum and brother appears she was at school with me, in my brothers class 2 years younger and my mum was a teaching assistant.  Freaked me out for 20 seconds then back to sucking.

When I turned up again we had a laugh she thought no chance would I come back, actually really turned on by it !

Offline Addicted65

I have had it twice.

First time was a girl who was on the books for Choice Escorts. When she answered the door I realised she worked in our local shop. I had fancied her anyway  and she was a great punt. Saw her a few times. Still see her about now.

Second time was more recently and was a girl I went to school with. When she left school she did some modelling and was/is very tidy and again a good punt. Only saw her once as she is a bit to close to home. See her about as well. Fortunately she has been 100% discreet.

First one was a local punt but I was single. Second one was a bit more of a shock as it was about 40 miles from home and I am now married and we do have a few mutual friends. She works away so she is not recognised so she was as surprised as me lol.

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