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Author Topic: RIPP OFF ELERT.......MONICA SMALL HEATH BIRMINGHAM  (Read 1633 times)

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This is my first ever review on here and I need to warn everyone of Monica form ada road in small helath birmingham who claims to be Italian but is anything but italian. Be warned the link is below


She is very friendly on the phone and lures you in with the tone of her voice and her cheeky laugh. She will virtually say yes to anything until you get arrive at the really run down house she is working from. I arrived at 930 and had booked for half an hour. She took me upstairs and sat me in a room with a double bed and a single mattress on the floor. The double bed was broken hence the single mattress. She asked me to pay £60.00 and the left the room. She came back ten minutes later and said ok you have 15 minutes left we must hurry. I was shocked but wnet along. She had barely got her clothes and once again she looked at the time on her phone and said you have 1o minutes left. Her cunt was dry as an Arabian desert and trying to get my dick into her was a mission. I couldn't help but tut and she said why you not happy...i replied by saying your service is shit love......you took my money went out for ten minutes coem back in and told me i had 15 mins left and when im trying to shag your being a bitch. Anyway i hadnt done anything and she said time was up......the only thing left up was my nob........i told her she was a fraud a rip off and id never met anyone so horrible in all my life........she became extremely hostile and threatened to have me kicked out. Theres no shower facility there and she really is a nasty piece of work. She looks nothing like her pics and the pics wer certainly not taken at the place she works from. Throughout all she does is make reference to the time.....u dont get to enjoy any of it and she makes out like your the one with the issue......shes definitely not Italian...id say she was either Romanian or Hungarian....anyway if anyone comes across her on ada road in birmingham avoid her like the plague at all costs.

Offline Ming

Sorry you had a crap punt, but lessons to be learnt,

Vivastreet very unreliable source of WG's and she looks TGTBT

Try to look up some recent positive reviews on UKP and you are more likely to find a genuine service provider.

Thanks for the heads up.


Offline johnny56

Sorry to hear about your experience Sid, I've had similar experiences so know exactly what it feels like.

Like the  poster said above, I think is best to check on UKP

Offline blupunt

Could do with a brick shithouse on here to go debt collecting for these punts that never got service they paid for lol

Offline denneboom

Welcome to UK Punting.

Have you had any good punts ?

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