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Author Topic: Big Boobs Lili (Coventry)  (Read 689 times)

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Offline starman

Being more fond of Big Girls than stick insects, I paid a visit to Lili recently.
She has no AW feedback yet, nor could I find a review here, so I took a gamble, and hope this review is helpful to others.

She is definitely the girl in the photos, and she is certainly a "big" girl.
She is no stunner (facially) but neither is she unattractive. One point deducted.

Made the booking by phone and text. Lili is Polish, but her English isnt great. I think she understands more than she can speak, but conversation was difficult. Her texts were however almost perfect, so I think she might be getting help with those from her housemate.
I stuck to my principle of only booking a half hour on a first visit, cost £60, which was asked for and secreted away somewhere as soon as I arrived.

The house is a rather shabby rented terrace in CV6, and the room was dim & sparsely furnished.
There wasnt much of a greeting or any asking what I wanted beyond the duration of stay.... Probably due to the language issue.
Lili began to remove her lingerie, so I began to remove my clothes.
I usually prefer that we undress each other, so another mark deducted.

Next, she lay on the bed and I moved beside her, but she took a very passive approach, leaving me to take charge. Again, I punt to be pampered, not to simply pamper her, so a further point deducted.  She let me play with her huge tits and her pussy whilst she handled my cock, but seemed reluctant to give oral ?????  (And I can assure you I am always very clean and fresh).
One point deducted.
Her profile suggests Kissing, but this was not French, and not readily forthcoming. Point deducted.

Sex was missionary and doggy, so again it was very passive on her part. 20mins into the visit I was ready to pop, so unloaded over her tits, got dressed and left a few minutes early.

End result.... Not one of my best encounters, nor one to repeat in a hurry.
A very vanilla 5/10, (which seems to be typical of most of Coventry's current offer).

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2857846 or https://www.adultwork.com/Big+Boobs+Lili
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1 review(s) found for Big Boobs Lili linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Was having a look at aw as looking for tomorrow night but there's nothing I fancy in cov , glad I avoided big boob lil tjough

Offline Milo87

I visited Big Boobs Lilli around a month or so ago and I can back you up as your punt seems pretty much my visit with her too. I found her to be quite unattractive as she made absolutely no effort whatsoever and had a very lazy demeanour right from the off. Not one I will certainly visit again. Oh and the area she lives, I found rather unpleasant.

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