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Author Topic: Cute Oliwia 18  (Read 758 times)

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Obviously not having learnt a lesson from a similar encounter earlier in the year i made a booking to meet teen Oliwia. As with the previous punt this was at a hotel adjacent to Heathrow.
  Oliwia answered the door to her hotel room & immediately i wondered if i should walk or TOFTT. Being in situ & no plan B i entered the room & even decided to take the full hour I'd prearranged.
  Exactly as with Natalia Sweet Dreams, Oliwia was technically competent,  just that she'd clearly discovered fast food since her prime teenage photos were taken.  Her main photo is most recent I'd guess, but even that doesn't adequately indicate her size. As for the hot pic of her toned tum in pink top, either photoshop or in her dreams.
  Again such a shame because she expertly sucked cock & it's been a long time since penetration with a pro didn't require any lube. With my O i enjoy a CIF finale, & whilst this advertised on her page she declined during the meet.
  Again the only positive about the meet for me was the price.

1 review(s) found for CuteOliwia18xx linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline sun

Thanks for the review. Was planning on visiting but probably won't now. Did she do owo oror charge any extras?

OWO & CIM , no swallow,  perfectly pleasurable. Everything included, I'd checked by text before meeting. She's now nearly 20 she said. Years, not stone!, although I'm sure that's not far out lol.

Offline sun

Haha, cheers mate probably gonna give it a miss unless I'm looking at a plan c

You sure you met Oliwia? She went to poland and I have had bait and switch before with Natalie showing up who's chubbier.

Also, when I saw Oliwia when she was 'thinner', she mentioned she was pregnant. So would make sense if she now has a bit of a belly, if it was really her you saw.

Have seen chubby natalie before, it wasn't her. Similsr locstion to each other, next hotel along,

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