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Author Topic: Kat Thai Massage - Farnham Royal, Berkshire  (Read 2195 times)

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Fancied a relaxing Thai massage before a meeting in the area and found Kat in Farnham Royal


Have subsequently found his advert


Called the number and asked for Kat.  Spoke to a girl who said it was her.  Booked her for a one hour massage for £40.  Was sent the postcode and street address by sms and was asked to call her when on the road for the house number.

It's a quite close off a main road between Slough and Gerrards Cross.  Parking was easy, no restrictions anywhere.  Made the call, given the house number, fairly non descript house.  Knocked on the door, the usual of it opening with the girl hiding behind it.  Walked in a found a fairly good looking Thai girl, nice average height in a skimpy teddy, stockings and a nice pair of tits.  She must have been cold as her nipples were erect enough to cut glass.

She led me up to the bedroom upstairs.  The room was clean but looked like it could have done with a spruce up though.  She asked what I was after which led me to believe Kat is the madam of the place.  I asked what was on offer and she stated it was £40 for massage for an hour or £110 for full service.  Told her I only had £100 which she accepted. 

The Service
I was asked to strip and lie on the bed, she kept the teddy on and proceeded to give a fairly weak but sensual massage.  Lots of inner thighs play and accidental touches as she put it.

She was quite chatty and I was able to ascertain she was only there for the week as she normally works out of Brighton.  There are a couple of other girls who also work from the same house.  She was was not Kat but a girl named Lilly.

Flipped over and she moved it up a gear by sitting on my upper legs and massaging my chest.  She then turned around, took off her teddy and positioned her pussy over the shaft of my penis and massaged the legs.  Every now and then she would move her hips enough to want me to penetrate her, had to fight the urge as I did not have a condom on and BB is a no no for me.

She had a great arse and was able to play with it whilst she was working on my legs.

Knowing how excited I was she got off and turned around at which point I got a proper view of her nipples.  By god the nipples where massive, she had the biggest areola's I have ever seen.  She had a small belly but to be frank I was more fixated on those nipples.

On with the condom and she delivered a great blowjob.  Had to remember Einstein's theory of relativity just to stop myself blowing.

"fuck me doggy?"  Came the words out if hour mouth, not being rude I obliged.  I got to thrust her and enjoy the view of her arse as it bounced back and forth.  It's an image that has a permanent place in my wank vault.

She flipped over at which point I finally got to suck those tits of hers and did I enjoy them.  I attempted to put my fingers in her, "no fingers, tongue or cock only please". Needing to take it back a gear, I licked her out.  She seemed to enjoy it so carried on for as long as my jaw would allow.  Not to self, I need to work on my jaw exercises!

Finally on to missionary where I blew my load like a whale coming up for air.

Friendly girl
Good looking
Great pair of tits, nipples and Areola's
The view of that arse as I banged her from behind

The negatives
The massage was weak

Would I go again?
To the see the same girl yes, however I would probably forgo the massage and just go for the sex.

I've been to this place before, the women there change every week, so you should bear in mind that one good punt doesn't guarantee another one a week later sadly.

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