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Author Topic: 'Gushing'...really ??  (Read 6124 times)


From my reading on the subject, when a woman squirts(gushes) it tends to be a large volume of thin clear liquid.  There is no organ other than the bladder where a woman can store large quantities of fluid.  So it has to be urine.  Urine can taste differently depending what she has been eating that day and how well hydrated she is.

Some women can ejaculate a small volume (similar to male cum volume) of thick, creamy coloured fluid. When she squirts you can get a mix of the two so squirt can taste different to urine.

But who knows...its definitely not proven one way or the other, and its bound to vary amongst women.

I think there is also an element of people wanting squirt to be different to urine as it sounds nicer that way.

Cheers!  :drinks:
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Offline two20

What's the opposite of a Gusher? I definitely only want to punt with one of those, I don't like the idea of a faceful of bodily fluid. When the boot is on the other foot though I'm a total hypocrite. Although I'm paying.

Offline redmist81

+1  ;)

I saw 100's of porno's in my teenage years and not one of them had a 'gusher' in them.
Maybe old skool porn royalty like; Kay Parker and Nina Hartley were too shy to do it on camera.  :rolleyes:

It's just daft feminists trying to out-do men.... and failing.

Search for a film called squirt for me

It's not urine.
And fyi it stains your bedding pink, and doesn't come out in the wash.
The girl (and only the one) who I experienced only did it when she came, it's clear, slightly sweet tasting and a little sticky.
It's a massive turn on at first, but it's a poor nights sleep in a giant wet patch when it's a gf.

".....There is no organ other than the bladder where a woman can store large quantities of fluid.  So it has to be urine."....

Sorry but Emanuele Jannini of University of L'Aquila thinks otherwise https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skene's_gland

"In 2002, Emanuele Jannini of University of L'Aquila in Italy showed that there may be an explanation both for female ejaculation and for the frequent denials of its existence. Skene's glands have highly variable anatomy, and in some extreme cases they appear to be absent entirely. If Skene's glands are the cause of female ejaculation and G-spot orgasms, this may explain the absence of the phenomenon in many women.[14][15]

It has been demonstrated that a large amount of fluid can be secreted from this gland when stimulated from inside the vagina.[16] Some reports indicate that embarrassment regarding female ejaculation, and the debated notion that the substance is urine, can lead to purposeful suppression of sexual climax, leading women to seek medical advice and even undergo surgery to "stop the urine".[17]"


Honestly - as already said - it isn't urine.

Last week I happened to have my tongue up a girl's arse and at the moment she got excited our came a little gush from nearby.

I said, "Did you squirt?". "No. That was piss". And it certainly tasted like piss, unlike all the squirts I've experienced. I much prefer the taste of piss, to be honest

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