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Author Topic: Dolly Delight - big boobed barbie  (Read 1951 times)

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Dolly Delight has big boobs. She is a Barbie and eludes to on her AW profile that she is the ultimate combination of bad Barbie and good.  I wanted the former; a blonde big boobed fuck doll that I could get dirty with this rainy November evening in London. I wanted to test drive them tits; one of the biggest fake tits in the country that I hadn’t sampled before.

Dolly opened the door dressed in pink. Most barbies favourite colour!  A tiny loose top just  covered the bikini top and her 1425cc monsters.  A short skirt covered her ass and her small white panties. Dollly also wore girlie white white stockings and white high heels.  We kissed with plenty of tongue action and  sorted out  the paper work.

“Ahh the real Dolly Delight”, I complimented her on her looks and make up. We went to the mirror to squeeze a bit of boob and my semi erect cock could just through the trousers feel her sexy bum.  Bad Barbie with big blonde hair everywhere and pretty heavy make up.  Yeah, but she is really a nice chatty Northern girl who takes pride in her Barbie looks and seriously turns men on.

After my shower, it was going to be boob and cock time. "Show me these big Halloween pumpkins Dolly”. She responded with demanding  a Guy Fawkes fire works in her pussy. After all it was Guy Fawkes nite. My towel dropped and she stroke the steel hard fire work. I warned her that I wouldn’t last long as I had abstained from fucking for four days to save up for her.

I slided the bikini cups to their sides and revealed those over sized breasts. I treated each of them in turn with my hands and month. They are pretty soft for the size of implants. Dolly tells me that she was a C as a natural and then had four boob jobs. She may still go bigger. Wow!  I love that you can see how the breast implant sits behind the original breast tissue and really enhances that fake look. I had already noticed that in her films. She has pretty big nipples. I want to tease those fuckers.  “Push that hard nipple in my fucking face bitch.” Dolly obliged.

She gets working on my cock. I slide the hard member between her lips and can see how it is poking  out from the inside of her mouth. My hands are still glued to her orbs. Love massaging them. Spunk is already building fast. This is getting too exciting.  Face fucking Dolly Delight had to stop and for me instead to return the favour. She lies down on her back. Slide up the skirt, pull the panties to the side and finger her own pussy. She has a piercing down there, but no tattoos at all. I can hardly remember when I met a working girl without ink!

“Dolly Fucking Delight, it is time to fuck you!”. I entered her pussy doggy. Fuck that was tight! Had I entered the wrong hole? Dolly laughed, she knows how fucking tight she is and she also told me that she doesn’t do anal anymore. We turned around for mish. Her big udders shaking as I was pounding that pussy. Time to spunk over her boobs.  “Let’s see how much those fucking boobs can take”. Dolly responded “as long as you save my make up. I don’t have time to re-apply before my next booking”. “We will see about that, it has been four days for fuck sake!”. I erupted, but her make up was saved! My cock was buried completely in her huge breasts so stopped it getting to her face. Another reason to go for big implants!

During our quick break, we realized we have a very different interest in girls. She likes to play with flat chested girl! Didn’t quite get to the bottom of why, because she also said that she always liked big boobs on herself. We discussed the other WG’s in the UJK in the 1000cc plus club. It was time to oil Dolly’s bazookas up. I told her that I never go anywhere without baby oil. Hahahaha….

Them tits were now dripping with oil. We both stared at them in the mirror. A bit of cock and pussy sucking again. Reverse cow girl at the end of the bed with me grabbing her oily udders. Squeezing the glistening tit meat. Over to ride me and those bad boys in my face. A few positions later, she was begging me to come in her mouth. Yes, that is another good way of saving her make up!

Thanks Dolly you are an amazing Barbie! Probably more good Barbie than bad…..

1 review(s) found for Dollydelightrealxxx linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Online Anadin

I'm very jealous but at £250 for 30 mins that's more than I spent on punting last month I just couldn't justify it :(

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I'm very jealous but at £250 for 30 mins that's more than I spent on punting last month I just couldn't justify it :(

+1 I'd have to win the lottery before indulging in that hourly rate, hats to you OP and glad you enjoyed!!

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