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Author Topic: East Midlands Parlours Which Charge Door Entry Fee BEFORE Seeing The Girls!!  (Read 1079 times)

Offline CoolTiger

As the title suggests, please name any E M Parlours which have this practice.

I have not used a parlour in nearly 15+ years, so unable to make any contribution to this.

As a guidance,

Name of Parlour
Entrance Fee Requested
Approx date of Visit (in case practice has changed since).

Did you still go ahead, having paid the fee first.

Offline Steely Dan

Devine Destiny.
19 Abbey Street, Leicester. (a few door from Platinum Lace lapdance club)
£10 to get in. £50 half hour full sex.

About 6 months ago. Not sure the details at all.  I think I was able to get it up and I think the girl I choose was from Portugal and hot. The other 2 were size 16 and not hot. But since I was drunk as I left Platinum I am not sure.  Stupid I know.  Anyway, this was cheaper than staying to NOT have sex during another 3 songs.

Was a waste of money night.  I barely remember it.  But I was king of the world for a bit, so I cherish the evening somewhat and would repeat again with the right wing man. YOLO.

Offline razor10

I have been to Ladybirds on Narborough Road a couple fo times recently. Firstly the girls photos n the web-site I have found to be accurate. However, there is nothing like checking in the flesh(!) so to speak. There is an open area upstairs where the girls congregate and given the friendly atmosphere there I am sure you will be OK to take a peek and make a choice without first paying the £12 entrance fee. I think the same might apply at Hollywood along at Braunstone Gate but cannot be 100% sure in either case.

Offline DannyJames

At New Thai House in Leicester, I have never seen the girls before I have paid for the length of my visit. They take the money in a little kiosk before buzzing you through the door.

Prices are on website but I've always had 30 mins B2B at £25.
Extras in the room have always been quoted at £40 HJ, £60 oral (only been offered it covered) and FS £80.

I've always gone for B2B and HJ. Can't recall when I went last but over a year ago now.

Offline Jerboa

Yes you can usually see the ladies available at Ladybirds, as the reception is in the main lounge.
These old fashioned pay entry before seeing the ladies is not great, in the past I'd visited parlours where you pay through a hatch in the wall, before setting foot in premises.

I think the same might apply at Hollywood along at Braunstone Gate but cannot be 100% sure in either case.
I've always found HW well run, but have not been for about 2 years. But I do know then that you could ask to see the girls.

In my view some gents lack confidence; there is a sort of pressure to pay before viewing - they know then they've captured a punter. But a gentle "can I see the girls" usually gets a positive response.

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