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Author Topic: Gabi-Ella (Ex Maxes) and Rebecca More (You know the score)  (Read 4445 times)

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Offline salazar

May be my last punt ever so I had been several months going through the purple site and setting up reverse bookings. Some of my initial proposals were turned down as what I had in mind budget wise couldn't quite cut it or I wasn't convinced by the offers made. About 2 weeks from my visit to London, I found Gabriellas profile.

Fees as per their profiles.

https://www.adultwork.com/3060009  or  https://www.adultwork.com/G%2DEllaxxx

For Rebecca's CV just type it into to Google.

Several pictures of the night are on Gabbi's twitter account. I love the one where my finger is in her hole (ass that is).

After a few e-mails we agreed on the terms and went through who she liked working with. Rebecca More was available (so was Olivia Rose, Lia Amelia), Miss KDD (I had contacted with her previously) was away on a trip.
So I thought...aaah, what the hell, you only live once!
I booked a very nice hotel in central London. I made sure the room was big and it was sound proofed (for obvious reasons). Room service champers was expensive so I brought my own bottle and asked for ice and asked Gabbi if she could bring two extra bottles from her fridge, which I obviously paid for.

I booked 3 hours, as I like the conversation as well as the shagging.

Gabbi came first and Rebecca about 20 minutes later. Both ladies changed after a glass of bubbly, some silly selfies taken and some porno chit chat. Gabbi emptied her suit case...what a fucking arsenal. I didn't even know what half the shit there did or was meant for me or her...or both.
Next, Rebecca pushes Gabbi on the bed and gets on top. Girlie 69, whahey!
Gabbi came out first and pulled down my boxers, straight to the OWO. Rebecca charged out of the bathroom next in an amazing black outfit. I wanted to cum there and then. I rimmed Rebecca while Gabbi fed on her clit. Then I went round to the other end, kissing Rebecca and licking Gabbi ass and cunt. Then it was my turn.
Double blow job, rimming, DFK (oh you know, the usual...). Meanwhile, Gabbie would go off and use her anal hook on herself, Rebecca explained the best way (or her way which is probably the best way) to use it.
Gabbi comes back to me and Rebecca sits on an armchair filling holes with various WMD. Rebecca comes back and fuck her in multiple positions, vaginal and anal. I do the something similar with Gabbi but just vaginal initially. She adds a weapon of her own to my cock so I end up fucking her anally and vaginally at the same time while Rebecca is DFK me, her and my ass.
Decided for my first pop. They snowball...so I did too (dirty boy).
Next round (now...it starts to get blurry since by now we were on our second bottle of bubbly). Anal from the off with Rebecca. Cowgirl, appendage on my leg and Gabbi straddles that for a while...damn, couldn't get a good view of that though. That comes off and a condom goes on my...foot? Gabbi fucks my foot?...um, yeah...I must admit, I really liked it although perhaps without the condom it would have been nicer. Can you get STD from feet? Oh well, it was a first for me.
Got the moxy on by balls and popped the second. Don't remember if they CIMs but I'm pretty sure they did. This time I had a longer break, coming up to the 2 hours mark.
The third and final pop was much more manual and oral. Rebecca was next to me DFK and offering her tits. Gabbi went from licking cock to balls to ass. I decided to do something out of Hendrix's instruction manual and came on the full bodied mirror next to the bed (picture of Gabbi taking her protein shake on Twitter). I did clean that up, as I did the rest of the room, remember that I booked the hotel in my name so you don't want things to get around.
Last 45 minutes was spent chatting about clients, anal sex, porn, boyfriends, family life...which I like as well as part of a punt. It makes people a lot more human and down to earth. They were very relaxed while we finished off the last bottle. I would have liked to have tried for the fourth but I was not feeling 100% (long flight, long trip, tired, cold coming on). The little blue pill is not all it is hyped up to be, maybe I took a dud, but 3 pops isn't too bad.

OK, those are the positives. Negatives: Should have booked them all night  :wackogirl:
Seriously, Gabbi's suitcase is too big to go through in a duo. A 1 2 1 would probably have been more appropiate. Rebecca's personality is overwhelming so a better balance of personalitys may have been recommended.
I didn't get to do WS (I never have done them and I was curious). I plan everything really well except for the main event. With two forces of nature like these you need a game plan. I would have liked some more DFK as I enjoy this probably more than anything else, but I didn't insist as I was occupied with other matters.

What else can I say.

9 review(s) found for G-Ellaxxx linked to in above post (7 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

I made sure the room was big and it was sound proofed (for obvious reasons

How do you make sure a hotel bedroom is soundproofed?

Offline salazar

On booking.com you can see it.

Offline endomorph

What is Gabb-Ella's twitter account name?
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (endomorph, esperantock)

Fantastic review , great pairing too .....sounds like a full infest . Never saw gabi when she was at maxes , think I need to rectify that . Already mailed her . So thanks for the review again !

you lucky bastard! Although this makes me look forward to my duo with Gabi and KDD next week  :yahoo:

Really wished I got to see Rebecca Moore in February when it was her last tour of london at £250 for the hour, but she cancelled last minute...can't do it at £350 for an hour

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