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Author Topic: foot fetish in Soho walk ups  (Read 432 times)

Offline CFD2015

Read from a historic review that foot fetish is obviously available in soho, more I wanted to know if anyone of late has had this? And if so, what kind of prices and duration are advisable?

I guess abit of haggle is always needed,so any worthy experiences re names and location would be great to us London foot fanatics!
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Offline CFD2015

Any recent experience/ recommendations ? Thank you all in advance

£20 normally. Depends what kind of foot fetish you want. I see a few regulars there that offer me foot fetish, rimming on them, OW, reverse oral and sex. End with facesitting and handjob or I'll jerk myself off. If you want just foot fetish, Soho walkups make perfect sense. Make sure they have clean feet before paying.

:vomit: :vomit:

Yes, had one bad experience with Mary at 52 Greek St. Her feet smelt really badly, we had an argument and she refused to give me my money back. Thats why I check now, but most of time just I use the regulars I know.

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