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Author Topic: What did I do wrong?  (Read 2550 times)

Hope you've drummed up some good info here for your punting.  :thumbsup:

Now name & shame or GTFO  :thumbsdown:

Offline bod666

It's a troll. Ignore. Who else but a troll would come out with that and not name and shame?

Offline punk

It's a troll. Ignore. Who else but a troll would come out with that and not name and shame?

Thats why i said is this kosher.Typical 3 post troll.

Offline Nagilum

Just name the prossie. Otherwise best of luck seeking sympathy next time or help!

Offline bigmc

I would have left almost immediately.  No way on earth would I be going for a second go so she could do it to me again.  Name and shame ffs

Online od13218

You won't win many friends on here with that attitude.  :thumbsdown: Telling people you've lurked for a long time, had good info off the site then not willing to name a timewaster to help others avoid her. Totally against the ethos of the site.

As it was a confirmed booking you can leave a negative review.
That's a bad attitude. On the one hand you say you're grateful for information you've found here, you ask advice and several people respond, then you won't share? Sorry- out of order.

Offline dboy74

'What did I do wrong?'  

Create an account on UKP and waste our time you fucking muppet!

Offline Bud$

Yes, a fairly pointless post. From what the OP says, he did nothing wrong; that was obvious, so why even ask the question. So, now I'm trying to guess who it might be - a quick look at OP's other post and it was about karla the kinky on Oct 30th, so it was probably her. She's only got 4 FR's since she joined in April this year anyway or it was a Romanian who was pulled out of the punt by Sergei, as someone else I think suggested. Now, instead of naming the lady and helping us to avoid just her, in effect, the OP has tarnished other WG's with the same brush (in my fevered mind anyway) and I won't be going to see said KTK or Romanians, or any girl who does in calls from hotels. And I won't be taking any notice whatsoever of what the OP posts in future.
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