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Author Topic: TLC 6Nov - Day time party - couples perspective  (Read 2110 times)

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Every now and then, the wife and I will take a day or two off and do a sex tour.

We have been to the Tudor Lounge before under Deb and Daves parties and the venue is great.

On this day - 2 girls working, one spanish and one russian.
3 guys - 2 white and 1 Asian male.

Communication :
There had been some discussion here about what the fee would be for a couple, especially as my wife plays with all, guys/girls what ever. I can confirm that £100 is the fee even for a couple.
I sent a mail on Tuesday saying that I would like to come with my wife on Friday and we "know the score" about what the party is about. There was no response. So - I called on Friday morning - Emma said ahhh yes, I remember the e mail.
Well - why not respond to it then?

Venue :
Its a huge tudor mansion house, which since our last visit there now has a new bar, a better smoking solution ie you dont get wet in the smoking area.
The showers - 3 showers and on this day - 6th November - only 1 had hot water.
Only one room in use - the jacuzzi room - and the jacuzzi was not in use.

The other customers :
well, 3 guys there - ive identified as 2 white and one Asian - I mention this only because we were speaking to the Asian male in the smoking area - I asked how the Russian girls blow job was and he said he didnt have much to compare it to.
Later in the afternoon he got to fuck my wife - and didnt know what he was doing, as in the basics - I have a strong feeling that on this day - the Asian male lost his virginity.

The ladies :
Spanish girl - Now - if you wanted someone to go out for a drink with, she is great fun. Great sense of humor, sexually liberated, large "bolt ons" which were personally not to my taste - covered in tattoos.
Sexually - she was not "my cuppa tea" - I personally felt she was too mechanical, too much conveyor belt - "I need you to cum, next" type attitude.
Now - there is another report which ill link from a guy who was there - he loved her - so its just another bit of proof that YMMV in this game.

The Russian girl - I personally thought she was better at the act - she was more relaxed and smooth rather than - rush rush rush - get the guy to cum and move on.

The Party :
From our point of view - there was a piece missing. The X Factor wasnt there - what THIS was, was 2 working girls and 3 guys and a couple taking turns to just fuck and get on with it.
Music was provided by one of the girls phones - KISSTORY - Musically not anything wrong with that - but the tinny music made it amateur ish. Being confined to one room - well, its easier to clean at the end of the day, but with such a lovely facility its a shame its confined to the one room.

The management :
Emma - well, her attitude was a little strange - abrupt even. When going out for a cigarette - she came out to tell us this was a sex party - get upstairs and fuck not a smoking party. Whilst this was probably said in jest, at least to me, it came over wrong. These ladies are not just vaginas, and for the amount of people there, 3 hours is enough for everyone to fully empty their loads.

The buffet :
At Deb and Daves swingers parties - they put on food, wasnt expecting there to be food at this party - but there was to a sort.

1 Bowl of CHEESE AND ONION crisps. Now come on, cheese and onion crisps do have a place in the world, at a sex party - im not sure.
There was also one plate of apricot ( ? ) cheese and some crackers.
A bowl of mints.

Overall :
I know that many on here love TLC parties, find them great value for money and appear to get on well with Emma.
Im new to this board and not looking to make enemies - BUT - this party was not so much fun for us..
Quite often I see comments about TLC parties saying "Why would you go to another party in Brum where the girls arnt as good for £40 less? Pay the extra £40 and get quality" - ok - that sounds logical - but you are not really getting quality.

You are getting a quality venue, however the party is confined to one room, which means you really could be anywhere.

OUR reality is - we like the Private Club - and sometimes you have to try something different to realise how much you like a place. The wife and I have discussed this a lot - but the private club has that seedy look, smell, atmosphere and expectation in the room, you feel it in the air - its exciting!

On this day - TLC felt flat, boring and mechanical to us.
From my wifes point of view - she said if there were more people it may have been better - and she is possibly right - it could be the lack of people as part of the problem.

Would we go back?
Probably not - £100 for a fully playing couple is a lot of money when its a lot less at other parties for a couple - also - I wouldnt say that the girls were "better quality" - there is a LOT of photoshop on the photos.

All of that said - here is a link to one of the guys who was there and he loved it.

Not bad enough to give a negative, but closer to negative than positive for us.

Offline dubs

Thanks for the review.  I don't know if you're a member of ukescorting, but TLC post there and Emma is usually quite receptive to advice of what would make the parties more couple-friendly.  TLC as a swinging club is a bit of a new venture for them, so maybe she still thinks in terms of LMP/Phoenix.


Sorry not good as you'd hoped. As single guy going there it had everything I wanted, but guess as. Couple who are used to scene your perspective can be very different. Don't be too down, you've still got a hot wife mate haha.

Offline Kaluuu276

Again, we discussed this that the atmosphere is lacking because of the few attendees.

I don't think you aught to have paid the full price as other venues don't do so.

Online vt

Cheers for the honest perspective from a couple's POV!  :drinks:

Shame it didn't work as well for you as a couple as it has for single guys...a real shame you hit it so quiet with only 2 girls inc. Gina who can be a bit frantic, just a few party 'virgins' and just a general lack of bodies, hence atmosphere, in that space.

When I went we had 6/7 guys and 3 girls (inc. some really hot ones), so we were spread across the 3 interconnecting rooms in various combinations, so there was plenty of variety in the action and quite a lot of funny banter with the guys & girls.

Funny to hear you describe Em's dry wit that she uses to gee everyone along, she can be quite charming really.  :D

I think your wife is right, your disappointment is almost certainly down to the lack of the right bodies on the day you visited...you are used to a busier type of party...so a few more experienced party guys who could have treated the missus with the confidence & skill she deserves...and a few hot young girls for you to play with might have made a world of difference!  :hi:

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Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Thanks for the review. Really interesting to hear a couple's perspective.

Sorry to hear it did not live up to your hopes and I'm sure lack of numbers was probably a big reason for that.

If you do decide to give it a other go, it might be worth an idea phoning on the day to check numbers attending.

Gents - thanks for the responses - you are probably correct.

With regards to Emma - it was our first interaction with her - so can only take on face value what we saw on the day.

You are also right - one party 1st timer and one male whom I think lost his virginity on the day - so - yes - not experienced party people.

You also touched on another point - "banter" with the other guests there - that is a part of the afternoon and whilst I dont go to sex party to talk with other guys - the "banter" is part of the comradery of an event - a bit like this board in a way - and it is a factor of how a party feels.

But the bottom line is - yes - there are not enough people there to make an event.

When / if that changes we may give it another go.

Ill also have a look at that other site mentioned above - we are not on too many uk punting boards -mainly on foreign travel monger boards - we like our holidays to be sexy!

Thanks for your thoughts guys.

On a separate note - the wife and I went back to our apartment and saw this lovely lady https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=74489.0   and had a great evening!

Offline hunnieme

To the Asian guy who lost his virginity at a sex party it's  :hi: from me!

To the Asian guy who lost his virginity at a sex party it's  :hi: from me!

+1 Brave way to do it!

Offline bunny84

Openly says he don't have much to compare the blowjob to and fucks  your wife without a clue what his doing hahaha

I like the sound of this guy . I can't see many men turning up at these events without a lot of experience .
I'd shagged  20 non hooker women and about 150 hookers before I went to a sex party and I was still shitting myself

Offline Jerboa

I echo the others thoughts, thanks for a couples perspective, single males and couples are obviously looking for something slightly different, for a male it's a bonus to have few other guys, so we can be greedy fuckers with the girls, and on the other hand Peter's greedy wife would prefer more cocks to play with, naughty girl.  ;)

I see what you mean about Gina trying to rush to make guys cum, she is a good fuck, and I don't think she's doing it for a easier time, she probably feels that's what guys want, I agree about the banter, it can be fun and makes for a good atmosphere, I usually like to make a few jokes at parties and talk to everyone.

Em can come across a little abrupt at times, but she is actually a nice lady.

In a way I understand what Peter means by the seedy and sexual atmosphere at the Private club, as someone who has been a member there for years, though I've not been for a while, mainly because the line up of ladies hasn't been so good, but then again some of my best nights there has been when minding my own business in the club, and then been dragged into a room with a couple, or as well as some other guys for some dirty fun.

Online vt

To the Asian guy who lost his virginity at a sex party it's  :hi: from me!

I do struggle to believe that...he was clearly clueless, but a virgin!?!  :unknown:

I'd been having sex for decades and punting for almost a year and pondering it for 6 months before I plucked up the courage to attend a sex party...then I was shitting bricks all the way to the door!  :lol:

What  my report has made me realize is, and its so obvious I didnt really consider it - but single guys are of course looking for something different than "me" or a male in a couple situation.

What we want are plenty of people, bi sexual girls, and an atmosphere of sexiness going on. Perhaps the atmosphere is the most important thing to us - its that X Factor that I mentioned earlier - you cant buy it - and its not easy to create.

Ive had a couple of PMs and its made me realize that although we are looking at the same thing, we are looking at it from different perspectives.

The Asian male - the facts :

Sat watching for much of the time.
In the smoking area he said "he didnt have much to compare it to" when talking about the blow job
When fucking my wife from behind, he put it in and didnt move - as in didnt pump - no in/out.

Now I may be totally wrong, but it was my feeling that he was VERY new to sex.

Either way - this thread has taken a strange turn of events and im not sure how much more I want to talk about this guy.


Hey Pete, I certainly get your perspective. I had a great time as it was new to me and wanted to see what was like. I like PSE type girls and service so Gina is kinda ones I'd go for. I can certainly see from a couple who enjoy this more often and in probably very different environments with people also experienced that you may have wanted more from it and different interaction. Maybe in time I'd feel the same.

About the Asian guy I think a said alrite to him about 3 times and he just mumbled. I never really kept an eye on what he was doing, more interested in myself (selfish). Its a very weird way to lose ones virginity tho if that's the case. Beats my fumble in a ford fiesta.  :D

Ford Fiesta - it was a Ford Escort for me! Ahhhh to be young again!

Ford Fiesta - it was a Ford Escort for me! Ahhhh to be young again!

Ford Anglia here! Ahhh to be young again!

Offline Ming

Ferrari testa Rosa

Oh no wait that was the wet dream,

 MK1 Cortina :D

Offline broksonic

It's possible the Asian guy was just nervous . 
Banning reason: White-knight leaver

Offline Teessider

It's possible the Asian guy was just nervous .

Or he may be trying out tantric.  :(

Stick your cock in and leave it for 20 minutes and twitch your cock muscles.  :D

Offline davidgood

An interesting review Peter.

I am not surprised you did not find the atmosphere as good as a Debbie & Dave party. They really encourage swingers and greedy girls to come along and join in.

The LMP now Phoenix business model has never made those sort of girls welcome and I doubt if they will at the Tudor Lounge.

I hope I might meet you and your wife one day at a Debbie's GG party or the Retro.



Hey David

I've read your reports on here and aw for some time.
We started is Stourbridge at a GGP - followed the to the apartments in Brum- then the tudor lounge parties then drove to the Sutton mansion for a party there.

Haven't  seen them for a while now though due to work - but would love to get involved again!

Offline davidgood

Hey David

I've read your reports on here and aw for some time.
We started is Stourbridge at a GGP - followed the to the apartments in Brum- then the tudor lounge parties then drove to the Sutton mansion for a party there.

Haven't  seen them for a while now though due to work - but would love to get involved again!
Hi Peter,

I hope you found my reports useful.

Unfortunately my work is not letting me get out and about as much as I used to, so I had not been to one of Debbie's parties for a year.

However, my office is now not that far from Sutton so I have been there a few times lately. This Thursday gone it was a Debbie's which I still have to do the report on. The week before it was a Lady P Brunch. Actually you might like them as Lady P encourages couples to go along.



Offline Kaluuu276

Am I right to say that both TLC and Phoenix are like a conveyor belt style party where you just move on to each girl.

Is there no longer any FFM/MFF interaction, spit roast, double blowjob, etc.

Online vt

Am I right to say that both TLC and Phoenix are like a conveyor belt style party where you just move on to each girl.

Is there no longer any FFM/MFF interaction, spit roast, double blowjob, etc.

I've never seen a conveyor belt in operation...  :rolleyes:

The action is pretty varied, you can go where you like and what you get depends on the individual interactions and ratios. If you ask nicely, I've found the girls will usually respond to any suggestions. I've had FFM attention inc double BJs and MMF spitroasts in recent memory at both venues.

Offline Mike Oxhard

I've never seen a conveyor belt in operation...  :rolleyes:

Maybe Em has bought an expensive upmarket modern update of the Love Swing?  :lol:

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