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Author Topic: Water and WGs  (Read 297 times)

Offline phillips

I would like to congratulate the WGs of the east of England and for that fact most of the WGS of the rest of the country for helping to conserve this countries water stocks. They go above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion in there efforts to save water.
Now these girls ask for us to be clean and have fresh breath and then ask us to pay over the odds sometimes for there service and they cannot even bother to have a scrub.
most will just use a baby wipe if the next bloke is lucky.

 Only a few weeks back One WG who I had just seen was taking a call as I was getting dressed and she said to the next punter "give me five minutes I am just getting out of the shower" as she was putting on the same kit that one hour ago I had removed.

There is plenty of water out there girls I have seen it, so maybe you would like to use it  :hi:

Offline ramrodronnie

I couldn't agree more phillips. A lot of these WGs tell us that they expect us to be clean, while they, themselves are not washing themselves, like you rightly say, they use these baby wipes, like that is good enough?? Everyone, punters, and WGs alike should Always wash themselves regularly, and make themselves smell nice and presentable. At the end of the day, these girls are making a good living out of us punters. The least that they can do is to wash properly/thoroughly????  :unknown: :hi:
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