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Author Topic: Alissa (new in town)/ Alyss  (Read 635 times)

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same girl referenced here - https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=64799.0

(I wished I had read the above review before I made my mistake)

I'm pretty new to all this malarky, I've had 6 punts so far through viva street with mixed results. The first two were ok, then the next two were bad, then the last two were both really good and with the same girl. I chanced that lucky number 7 would be satisfying... how wrong I was...


Seemed promising enough.

I arrived a little late due to a traffic accident, she had phoned me a few times to make sure that I was still coming, which had annoyed me slightly. She looked pretty sexy when she opened the door and led me into the front downstairs room, I paid her for one hour and began to undress, she stashed her money (presumably with a pimp/partner in crime?) and returned and quickly undressed, i asked her if she had any stockings, she pretended not to understand me at first so i politely explained, she then flat out said no and I asked why when she clearly had them on in all her pictures, she then started cussing me in foreign and rummaging through the wardrobe angrily. ( I really wish i had left at this point)

she begrudgingly put them on for me and in spite of her negativity i worked up a raging hard on looking at her big juicy arse, she got on the bed and looked at me like i was a piece of shit, she clumsily put a jonny on me and began sucking really poorly, taking about 1/2 inch in her mouth with hardly any grip. still i maintained my mast and tried rubbing her tits and legs softly to get a reaction, after what seemed like 2 mins of sucking she turned to me flatly and said " what position you want?". My silly naive self still hadn't cottoned on at this point and I laughed, somewhat bemused by the situation. " I'll start off on top".

She lay back and assumed the position doing her utmost to avoid looking at me, I entered her gently and rubbed her tits softly, I fucked her slow for about 5 minutes playing with her tits, her pussy wasn't very tight but I was focused and looking forward to bending her over next when suddenly the strangest thing that has ever happened to me sexually unfolded. she suddenly started screaming at me " cum! cum! Now!" in the most hateful aggressive way imaginable, "your too big! are you fucking crazy!" -

Now despite being caught in the predicament of having to pay to get my rocks off, I've actually slept with quite a long list of women in my time, above average considering my age/looks/physique etc - not one of those lucky women have ever told me I'm too big.

Naturally my erection plummeted and i climbed off. "pick a different position!" she barked. I tried to reason with her and asked all the obvious questions but she was unrelenting.

I wasn't turned on at all by this point but the bitch had taken 80 quid of me and i was damned if i was leaving without shooting my load. I asked if she wanted to bend over for me and she started going nuts saying that i was too dangerous from behind. I lay back and said ok give me a blowjob then, "no! this is not possible from pussy to  mouth is not possible!".

Still calm I said "well take the condom off and use a fresh one then' - at this point she began threatening me "I'm not alone here!" - I hadn't heard any activity but I didn't doubt her.

after some strange hostilities she eventually agreed to the blowjob but then started cussing me again "your cock is too small! how can i put condom on this" - fuck me, make your mind up. I struggled for ages to get a decent erection and basically sat wanking for twenty minutes with her giving me the death stare the whole time, I had to kneel up and rub her tits to avoid it but i got there in the end and she lay on her back again. I went really fucking slow this time and basically worked myself up by focusing on her tits. i was only 40 mins in but i'd had enough and she wasnt giving me anything else - at one point i asked her to show me her arse while i wanked and she just nodded and continued to stare at me and my desperate cock, totally humiliating and shameful experience.

gutted me so much that I have felt compelled to post on here for the first time.

really put me off the whole thing, my last two were really good and i had talked with that girl about the honesty of the relations exchanged between us compared to my own string of failed relationships. today was anything but honest.

This girl should be avoided at all costs. I personally don't think this girl has been trafficked, i think she uses these sort of tricks to do less for her money, she was just a nasty fucking bitch.

Offline Dodo

What a fuckin nightmare Matey. And the lesson is????........read the reviews on here before you book :thumbsup:
Better luck next time.
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Online JEH7376

Sorry to hear that OP, but there's another lesson to learn as well: 'new girl in town', if that didn't set alarm bells off for you, it should do from now on

. . . but there's another lesson to learn as well. . .

and fuck Vivastreet. My worst punts ever arranged  from there.

. . . unless of course there's a decent UKP review.

Online Placebo88

 The black haired woman in the two profiles linked to this review is not the girl for who I posted the negative review cited at the beginning.It is the same area of Wolverhampton though and she could be a part of the same group.Alissa , Alessia and other variants are commonly used on Vivastreet.
    The Vivastreet link given in my review has now been taken over / passed on to another escort ; again possibly from the same group.I saw the girl who is in the Adult Work profile that I link in a post lower down my own negative review thread ; I do not know if she is still associated with the same group.

  I have learned my lesson and will not make another booking from Vivastreet , and that was the message I wanted to get across with my review.There is the chance of getting lucky as this reviewer managed to do once but for the most part service is very poor or worse , and it is likely that in some cases you are funding trafficking by using the site.

Offline Ming

Sorry to hear that OP, never used vivastreet for all the well documented reasons, she does look hard as nails in the pics, don't find them at all appealing.

Stick to AW and advice on here, you'll rarely go wrong.


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