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Author Topic: Samya - Cologne  (Read 685 times)

Offline Flunt

I have become a little disillusioned with British based pro$$ies, nothing to do with a particular nationality just an overwhelming attitude that they are doing us a favour instead of a job they are well paid to do. I wrote a while ago about Happy Garden and decided to do cultural trip to Cologne and to take in the sights that Samya offered.

Samya occupies three floors of an industrial unit. From paying the €50 entry fee I was given the usual robe, sandals, towel and locker key with a few directions to explore. Down the stairs are the changing rooms lockers, it also has the wet area, quiet area and massage tables. Having changed and showered I headed back up the stairs into the main bar area where a selection of young pro$$ies sat around in varying degrees of undress.

The bar itself is about 20 feet long with half a dozen bar stools to park on and get used to the place. I was greeted by a pleasant Ghanaian woman with a nice smile and a huge shelf of an arse, as many an AW profile states, I don’t do black (nothing racist just a personal preference). From my experience at Happy Garden I had decided to take my time picking the first pro$$ie.

I sat at the bar drinking coffee, spread out before me was an 8X10 foot stage with a couple of poles for dancing, surrounding the stage were comfortably upholstered bench style seats, similar seating went around the outside of the room adorned with about 20 young slim pro$$ies. One of a great many thoughts was writing this review so I went to explore further. Through the automatic doors to the dining area, on the right is a cold buffet selection to the left a few tables. At the end, to the left, a few gaming machines beside which was a revolving door to an outside smoking, eating, flirting area.

I returned to the bar where I was summoned over by a couple of interesting prospects (sisters they claimed?). I sat down and the more forward of the two sat on my lap, wiggled a little and stroked my face and chest. The sister, the slimmer of the two took her place after a couple of minutes and carried on where the first had started. Not having punted for a month I couldn’t resist so we headed off for the key and upstairs.

Round one was a fairly vanilla affair, an introduction to named organs, some light kissing, OWO and 69 concluded with covered missionary. Great value at €50!

At my age and weight things don’t recover too quickly so I headed down to the wet area and parked in the Bio Sauna. I seem to remember reading that this is where the pro$$ies come post punt to wash up and prepare for the next lucky punter. What did I do in Cologne? Some bird watching!

Over the next couple of hours I wandered between the wet area, the smoking area, the buffet and the bar. At some point I bumped into sister number 1 who asked if I enjoyed fucking her sister. I think the big grin on my face meant that no reply was necessary.  Also, whilst waiting for the sap to rise again, I tried the massage. I’ve always been reluctant to have some hairy arsed bloke to rub his hands over me but I figured that since Dr Eva is such a rarity in the Premiership then most of the physios must be male. For €35 for half an hour it was very good.

Another lesson learned from my visit to Happy Garden was not to rush. Relaxed and ready for round two I returned to the bar and stood in the doorway. A procession of interesting prospects approached but I was in super picky mode and declined their offers. I moved to a stool at the bar where I could feel these eyes burning into me from the side of the stage, eventually I gave in and looked down at this, what seemed a small slim bird with a slightly large beak. We exchanged smiles but before I could approach she stood and headed to the bar, she was like a giraffe (she must have been about 7 feet tall!).

Sitting quietly against a wall sat another beauty, I nodded and she came over, one of the few who spoke virtually no English. I figured I wasn’t taking her upstairs for a conversation and away we went. Despite the lack of communication in the room she provided a decent GFE and one of the best blow jobs I’ve enjoyed for some time. Finished with her on top and making all the right noises in my ear (one of those things that make you feel good –real or not).

By this time they had brought out the main meals for the night. I sat with a plate of food and realised I hadn’t eaten much of anything for 48 hours and I was starved. The food was worth the admission fee on its own.

Fed and watered I sat chatting to a very nice Romanian blonde, trying to decide if I should go for another round. The mind was willing, the pocket bulging with unused punting funds but decided that for €185 I had had the most amazing day.

Offline superchamp

Good report there. Reading between the lines this was a daytime visit rather than night? I've only ever done nights at Samya when it can get quite busy (weekends) but I'll be back in a few weeks to try the early shift.

Offline Flunt

I arrived early Friday afternoon and stayed until about 9pm. I think the talent gets hotter later in the day, as it gets busier, but still spoiled for choice early doors.

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Glad you enjoyed OP.

I have been to Samya 4 times (reports here in Europe section) and agree the place offers outstanding vfm. It really is an eye opener for anyone that has only ever punted in the UK.

Each time I have attended I have been there for about 12 hours from 1pm to 1am. EUR 50 entry is more than worth it with the surroundings, free food, alcohol and soft drinks. You would spend more in 12 hours outside and you would not have the same attractions! Eur 50 for a 30 min punt with serious hotties is also great value.

Must go again soon.

Offline Jerboa

Good report Flunt, Samya is a good saunaclub to visit, with some nice girls and free beer.

Offline Flunt

Thanks guys, I went based on your reviews/comments. Just thought add my tuppence worth for those similarly tempted and say that it really is a great way to spend the day.

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