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Author Topic: details  (Read 390 times)

Offline razzar

It really annoys me when someone does a review then refuses to go into detail about the encounter.
How can we judge the WG if we do not know what happened?
Why bother writing a review--if you are not going to ''review'' them?

Offline softlad

A comprehensive review should cover:
Location (roughly)
State of venue
Recommend or not

Others ?

I know, you get the "i put on a condom and what then happened between us is intimate and should remain between us" cobblers!
It would be good if basic information was given such as:

1. Can she speak English/ was she chatty and frank about her employment.
2. Does she do what she's says she will do.
3. Did she get wet, or did she lube?
4. Was she tight?
5. Did she cum?
6. Did you get the time you paid for.

On FB I try and give some information such as "good skin, clean and did the services stated." On a Field Report I tell the girl before I leave I will do one and it will be detailed as I like to write a little novel!  It's her choice then to publish but all one bar, my FR's have been published on AW.

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