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Author Topic: Taking A Strangers Word?  (Read 688 times)

Offline smiths

Why do some SPs think a punter will automatically take their word for things?

I posted on a thread on auto-censored about a punter who says he got a STI off of a WG who he punted with through Agency Barracuda (i have no idea if he did or not and whether what he has posted is true or not) and the Agency Midland Maidens has posted if an Agency is any good they would keep the punter informed regarding whether the results of GUM testing come back positive or negative.

Would they? IMO it could well be seen as bad for business to admit the WG did have a STI so not telling the punter the truth could be what they do. Obviously they might tell him the truth but my point was unless the punter goes with the WG to the GUM and stays with her 24/7 until she gets the results which in reality isnt going to happen its not provable.

If something isnt provable to me beyond all doubt which on punting forums is likely to not be that often then i dont just take a stranger or virtual strangers word for things anymore than i do with any stranger or virtual stranger to me outside punting, i listen to or read what they say and make a judgement what i think which in reality might be right or wrong but bearing in mind its not provable.

Online Jimmyredcab

I did see that thread and I don't believe or disbelieve it ---------------- I am rather surprised that a thread of that nature was allowed seeing that the Hall of Shame has no entries at all from Punters.   :rolleyes:

You should be leaning towards the word of the punter not the SP even if not proven yet.  SP's have vested interests which are always monatary based. They will never admit having an STI or STD because that would 'damage the girls reputation and income'. Similarly you shouldn't expect an agency to tell you the truth either because they want to make money off you not scare you away with hard truths.

I'd rather take the word of the punter because it is likely to more accurate based on the fact that a punter sees very few escorts and will remember the exact details of each encounter and their sudden change in health afterwards compared to a prostitute who services many men and may be in and out the clinic on a regular basis. A punter will distinctly remember the 2 or 3 escorts he has slept with in a month (some even keep spreadsheets) but a prostitute wont remember the 50 or so random cocks she owo'd in February.

Even by the exposure in numbers who is more likely to be carrying a diesease?

To answer your question, some SP's believe we automatically take their word because they think we're stupid and don't know any better.
Here's a classic example: "I'm clean and tested".

Online Jimmyredcab

Visiting GUM clinics are no guarantee that the girl is free of disease, the check up is invalid as soon as she sees her first client.

Offline Sailormack

Visiting GUM clinics are no guarantee that the girl is free of disease, the check up is invalid as soon as she sees her first client.

I wish more girls would visit the GUM clinic.

Those teeth play havoc with my foreskin  :scare:

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