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Author Topic: Welling escort  (Read 1097 times)

Offline gary010

have anyone tried escorts in welling near morrison and tesco supermarket??

Hi Mate

Yes I have been there loads of times. You thinking of going?

Online Anadin

Anyone wanna give more details?

They are eastern European. Mixed bunch but usually a choice of 2 or 3 girls. I have even had the maid who I really fancied. Is the sort of place where I only go for the 15mins hump and dump.

Offline gary010

i have been there couple of times as well

Good experience? I find it a bit hit and miss.

Online Anadin

Seriously not gonna even name the place or post a website?

I very much doubt it has a website, never been there
but opposite tescos, doorway next to kebab shop....

No. There is another newer one about 30 seconds walk away opposite pub. No website. Just walk in and choose.

Seriously not gonna even name the place or post a website?

Maybe they are so hole-in-corner, trying-to-fly-under-the-radar that they don't have names :hi:

Offline jayuk_73

any prices or directions for both please ?

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