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Author Topic: NAUGHTY FLAVIA - DUNDEE  (Read 810 times)

Anyone of the Dundee guys seen this escort ? I can't decide if the photos are genuine or not , on AW too but same pics basically.
I'm Aberdeen based but I'd happily jump in the motor for the sake of an hour down the road.

Offline Bmc88

Her preferences on aw seem very extensive,too good to be true?

Offline ik8133

Not sure how you can contact her....no phone or email details!  :dash:

Offline fifer83

Cant help but see a slight tv/ts look about her. I think shes hot though and am very tempted. Not sure what that says about my tastes!

Offline Bmc88

I would agree actually,anyone fancy TOFTT?

Offline fifer83

If you carefully read the text in her profile she mentions 'although im a very nice tv girl, lol!'

Strange she doesnt make reference to this more prominently.

Just re-read the profile and saw the TV reference , does look hot but not my thing.

Offline RandyF

The pics are off a bloke in a wig?  Didn't you notice?
Banning reason: Troll

in a word , no , visit to spec savers I think is in order.

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