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Author Topic: Slough Exotic Warning  (Read 1842 times)

Offline ohdanny

Be careful guys to block your caller ID should you decide to visit.  I saw Barbie there last week and have been sent constant text messages since.  New girl arrived & £60 specials and so on.  The messages are sent to a group of telephone numbers all of which were listed clearly in the text.


Online James999

Loads of Pro$$ies tout like that, despite what they say, but as the texts just go to a punting phone it shopuld not cause guys a problem, unless of course they are so stupid they use their normal mobile number, and then the harsh reality is it is not possible to help the stupid  :hi:

Offline ohdanny

I do use a punting phone.  True, we should do our best to protect our own privacy; but a little sense and discretion should also be exercised by the provider.

"Come Fuck 18 Year Old Eastern European Bird for £60"
is a bit silly  :hi: :hi:

I agree, surely £50's more resonable ?  :D

It's SLOUGH!!! ....... £35 maybe???   :cool:

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