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Author Topic: Thank you  (Read 512 times)

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Dear UKPD's

I think it's only fair that there is at least one place that punters can truly express themselves and share their experiences with others.
As an SP (especially one who is 35 years old and a size 16!) the views expressed can sometimes be cringeworthy to read but in my case, I think most of the time they are fair.

I venture on to your site from time to time with trepidation but I appreciate your honesty - sometimes I even use your reviews to book SP's myself - what you write isn't sugar coated!

For my part - I'll always be honest with my advertising and for your part .. well I think you make the minefield of punting much easier to navigate - I, like you have had good times and bad with regards to being a punter.

Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, we live in a democratic society - freedoom of speech is paramount and I don't want to see people who feel cheated by miseading profiles any more than you as punters do; and as a punter myself I value the honesty that this site, above all others gives.

Thank you,

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Thank you - I'll give it a look x

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