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3 review(s) for EliteScottishEva (0 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Roger De Her

Edinburgh, Portland Place, Leith, AVOID THIS ONE!  :wacko female

I just made so many basic punting blunders here. New profile on VS, tall slim, dyed bright  short RED hair, 26 y/o student from Aberdeen she claimed.

Even the profile narratives are a bit waky, but she's Scottish, so she should make sense! Doesn't. I should have dropped it.
Text comms were not fully logical and again, I should've dropped it here. Her phone call was lengthy and garbled, but she was lucid and not "drugged" so I gave her the benefit. New & nervous I thought! Should've dropped it!

In the flat, and shown to the lounge - no carpet, filthy and all sorts of junk everywhere! Should've walked! Idiot that i am, thought of the slinky 6 footer had my willy ruling by head, and I parted wiv the cash! No going back now!
Toilet was filthy.
No bedroom, she wanted it all in the lounge with Corrie on the box! Kept disappearing for 5/10 mins at a time! Drank a can of red bull an 2 coffees during the punt.

I settled for Oral in 2 bouts on a very uncomfortable couch with her in various awkward crouching positions, and ultimately it was me who "handled" the orgasm part.

What a waste of money. Don't be as stupid as I was. Pics look pretty good but she is totally wacky and nervous, and the venue is a DIVE!  Learn from my mistake. Avoid!
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Offline CeeJay

I just made so many basic punting blunders here.

Number 1 being putting the link in the subject header......  :P

Offline bawbag

Fairly sure its elitescottisheva on aw. Sorry cant link

Offline David1970

She looks like an extra form Lord of the Rings :wacko:

Offline Roger De Her


Fuck me Bawbag, you're smak on! Thats the freak!! Weird as a bottle of crisps she is! .. an workin out of a complete shithole!!  How the F does a weirdo like that get 158 +ve feedbacks, an so few negatives?? I'm with Oilworker on the feedback.  Biggest ever waste of £80 for me!  Aberdonians must have granite for brains too.     Repeat again,  AVOID THIS WIERDO !!
Banning reason: Complaining about thread warning punters about criminal prossie

3 review(s) found for EliteScottishEva linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

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