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Author Topic: Multitude of sins, schoolgirl role play. Nottingham  (Read 1351 times)

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Offline btb62

First review, so go easy on me, (I know, everyone says that), but hope will be useful for those who like petite tiny girls.

https://www.adultwork.com/2380579  https://www.adultwork.com/Multitude+of+sins+

I've been looking to book a local Leicester or Nottingham WG for schoolgirl role play for a while, but as I'm retired and funds are limited my options are too. I wanted to spend my cash wisely, and how well did I do finding Sally!

Despite not many photos on her profile, and the last feedback 7 months ago I decided to take a chance. I messaged her on AW last week with a scenario I wanted to role play, asked if she could wear a realistic school uniform, follow my lead and be chatty and naughty. She got back to me saying she liked role play and would love to do it, we fixed a date and I put in the booking. The day before she sent her postcode and number for me to ring her when I got there.

Today was the day. She is in a nice quiet area between Carlton Road and Sneinton Dale, felt quite safe and would be after dark too. I rang 5 mins early and as she was already for me and I was literally knocking on the door a few seconds later. She greeted me looking exactly how I'd requested, and she looks more petite and slimmer than her profile suggests, tiny and just what I'd hoped for. It was looking good, a raven haired pretty skooly stood in front of me.

We went to the bedroom and played out the scenario. She had been sent home from school because her skirt was too short and I was the headmaster come to explain how she should dress, and that she was causing a distraction to the boys and teachers. It wasn't long before I was checking to see if she was wearing regulation knickers, and when I saw she wasn't they had to come off, and there it was, a little bush, a lovely wispy hairy fanny. Not an unkempt mass of pubes, but absolutely perfect for the occasion. I'm a bit old fashioned, I like a bit hair down below, so this was a very pleasant surprise.

During the hour that followed I spanked her, she gave me OW (how I prefer it these days), I gave RO and we fucked how I wanted. She went along with everything I asked of her, and made a few suggestions herself, staying in role all along. Now the thing is for my last maybe 10 punts I haven't been able to cum, I'm an old bugger and its getting more difficult. Cialis takes care of the stiffy, and I love fucking but cumming is getting rare with a WG. I'd had my cock in her very tight pussy for a good 40 mins with her talking dirty to me when I finally exploded as she tickled my balls. There was no rush to get me to withdraw, but when I did she cleaned me up.

We then lay talking dirty, laughing and me licking her hard nipples, fingering her wet fanny and playing with her clit. There was no rush and no clock watching, but time was eventually up so I told her it was time for me leave. She offered me a shower which I took and there was selection of fresh towels. What I saw of the house was very good, clean, nicely decorated and warm.

After the shower we had a 'debrief'. She put 100% effort into seeing that I had a good time and we got on well. I think however you wanted her she would be VFM,  I reckon she would do a great GFE. Her age on AW is 35, but she is tiny and petite and the years have been kind to her and it didn't stretch my imagination at all to see her as a believable SG.

All in all a very positive experience, I was in 5 mins early, and 10 mins late out. She advertises at £100 an hour, with a £10 discount if booked through AW, which I did. The choice at this price is limited, so finding her is good for me.


1 review(s) found for Multitude of sins  linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Good review
Sounds a very positive punt and pleased she made your day
Thx 4 sharing


Good review mate, nice one :thumbsup:
Good find for the rest of the Nottm lads


Offline btb62

Thanks, was indeed just what the doctor ordered.

By the way, I see the new site UKE is up and running, what's the protocol, can we post the same review over there do you know?

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com


I just did. in the East Midlands Section


Offline btb62

Good to know, I'll do the same to get the new place moving along a bit then.

Offline irelax32

Great review, and glad you had fun! Good find for Notts! Well done.

Offline btb62

Girl next door face, cheeky smile, lovely eyes. There was nothing wrong with her looks and no make-up as far as I could tell.

Offline jimbm55

Banning reason: Previously banned (pontiff, jimbo55)

Offline RedKettle

thanks, an interesting option - shame no OWO.

Offline jarndyce

Nice review. She sounds just my type!

Just splurged three quid on her private gallery. I do hope her service in person is rather better than the paltry offerings there!

Guess I'll have to find out... :lol:

Thanks for the review.

Missing for me is the OWO and FK. The latter is essential for a GFE, which she claims to offer.

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