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Author Topic: Relllla (previously cinderz) - Derby  (Read 462 times)

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Offline Rabalder

My first review unfortunately negative, registered recently but long time punter...

Relllla (previously cinderz) - Derby

After looking on AW/Vivastreet and making a few calls i decided to opt for Relllla.
Comms were fine and she sounded pleasant on the phone, we arranged time and she said to call when parked on street.

I will say that due to traffic i was 10mins late for the meet and i did inform Relllla on-route of this which was fine for her.
I arrived and found it a little disconcerting that Relllla was stood on street by a shared access gate looking out for me and saying hi to passing neighbours although it was dusk so anyway in we went via a back entrance crossing neighbours back yard.

Relllla looked like similar to her pictures, a toned girl next door Milf type, in jeans and top.
The house was fine, lead up to the bedroom which was ok if a little chilly which i mentioned. It was all promising up to now.
Sorted out cash 1/2hr for £50 GFE owo, ro, kissing, sex and a-level if time (very good VFM), was asked to remove clothes an lie on bed Relllla went downstairs and returned wearing a little g-string but now did notice her very slim/skeletal body and very flat chest.

She started off with a good massage with lotion, on the back and underneath paying attention to my cock and balls.
We spoke a little and she said it had been a quite day, etc.
Then things started going downhill when her phone kept ringing and she answered, giving directions to the next punter.
I asked her if she could switch it off as it was distracting. She started to give OWO which was ok but she kept stopping to fiddle with phones/text/wet wipes so it look a while to get hard, we did a little 69 but i got the impression i was being rushed. She was untrimmed and did not seem that fresh.

On with the condom and she presented herself in doggy on the side of the bed, was banging away while Relllla was making fake noises, Relllla has a very boney bum, then she said "are you going to come for me babe" bla bla bla (i noticed the clock, only 20mins into 1/2 hr but now obvious she operates conveyor belt). I completed lost interest and quickly finished and was left to clean myself up.  The other punter was let in and lead to different room while i left, passing a grinder and ashtray in the kitchen.

If i had been told initially i had only 20mins i could have decided if i wanted to continue but even if i had 30mins it is clear Relllla operates back to back bookings. Given her answering phones, average effort, cold room, rushed service their is much better in Derby and i will not return.

(previously cinderz on AW renamed because previous profile removed review here https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=58664.0)

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Offline btb62

Thanks for letting us know.

I like the flat chested skinny girls and have had an eye on her since the cinderz days. I recognised her new profile as being the same girl, though her pics show her with a bit more flesh on the bone. I can see why you were surprised to find her so skinny

But, the time wasting, phone fiddling, and fake moans are a turn off. Once I'm called babe and asked if I'm cumming its game over. So even if I ever get over to Derby she is off my list.

Sorry for you, though thanks for the warning.

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