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Author Topic: Posh Stefany - Hendon  (Read 638 times)

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So hadnt done a visit a WG in a while and I was over at middlesex university visting friend where I had the urge to get on a Milf. I'd seen a couple of hot older central/eastern European cleaning ladies in the morning at mates tidying the rooms and think that's what prompted .

Unfortunately I made the impulsive booking with posh stefany and was sex wise bloody awful. Or I should say attempt at sex as we didn't do that as I wasnt hard and minimal effort was made. It has to be my worst experience regarding a sex service since joining here. I was pretty upset but managed to get £20 back from my hours booking though was in there for about 17 minutes including a 5 minutes shower and 5 minutes of me being upset at end because i was made to feel rubbish .as well as being totally frustrated and underwhelmed by whole thing. It was going so bad I asked for 30 minutes instead of hour and when she went to get my money back she came back and said  we have 10 minutes left. When I think it was twenty. I really should have said I changed my mind or just paid for 15 minutes.

Ok well initially comms through text and then made a call it was fine but I was somewhat hurried over 'and told to be quick' if i was serious.
When I arrived I got told!! I was 18 and wasn't asked how old I was I think from this outset she seemed to be very distant and uncomfortable with me.
I have had some super times with milfs Hungarian and otherwise but this lady was very stand off ish regarding kissing and touching .

Looks wise she's attractive enough though not like super hot body wise  a bit curvy for me but has ample breasts was wearing a sexy black dress but didn't seem to like me touching her ! I thought maybe I have to give her money and said sorry here the money after agreeing an hour she may be more responsive.

Alas it seemed  there was a going through the motions approach to me with no passion , moving her head away from me for kissing her not letting me kiss her breast and blocking me with her hands up and moving her body away from me when I was on top when we got on bed. I asked if she was okay and she said yes okay but I was so uncomfortable with her as there seemed  clear signs to me she wasnt up for a sexual time and that she didn't want it . I couldnt get turned on at all and I didn't like the whole one way thing. It felt weird. I had to ask again are you okay as seemed vacant to my touch. I was told to lie back on bed as she gave me head but it was no good at all and actually hurt me so I said to stop.  I find it difficukt to be asertive and this lady didn't really do much to make me feel at ease. When we first undressed she undressed her self the other side of the bed to me and I had to walk round and make initial contact. It felt ridiculous. I had to say that can we stop this and posh stephany duly accepted and  indicated as if it was my problem but I wasn't being remotely aroused or even appreciated. I got upset emotionally at this point as she really made me feel inadquate. For me it was terrible because I wasn't given a good sexual service, or any motivation to be turned on . I try and be positive person and happy and have since on UK punting had good experiences and learnt the signs in how to deal with the situations and state my needs or enjoy a natural chemistry.
It was really disappointing and I don't like leaving a negative review as a person she was nice and polite with me but she wasn't interested in offering me a service and I took it personally. Like I'm no amazing lover but the service girls have always given some enthusiasm ,fake or otherwise, ! Similarly I have taken the amazing experiences personally so have left other workers with a real positive and good feeling here II left feeling really rubbish and went back to my uni mates to play FIFA .

It reminds me of the poor choices I made pr e UK punting and I can't recommend her as she's not giving a proper service.

5 review(s) found for posh stefany linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

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