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Author Topic: Lana (Leanne) Lust - Southampton  (Read 1128 times)

Offline Mij

Anyone seen her recently / is she still active?

I know her profile only gets switched on when she's working, but either I'm missing it, or she is no longer working.

If anyone can let me know that would be great.


Offline vp40aa

Her profile was very briefly back last Wednesday (?) showing availability in Southampton for a couple of days last week. She's on my hot list so her profile pops up from time to time when she is working. I am living in hope for a long overdue round three with her when the Diary Gods play ball! 


She is still working, albeit infrequently.
Saw her again last week and was well worth it. Full on GFE just like the first.

Offline Mij

Thanks for the reply guys.....what days did you notice she was working...was it midweek?

Was mid-week that last two times for me.
This last time I was fortunate, she messaged me with a few possible days a little ahead of time but all of them during week-days. Seems she is travelling a lot and isn't back in Southampton that often right now

Offline vp40aa

I suspect yourgent is better placed to answer since the lucky sod saw her last week  :diablo: however I think it was weds/thurs or thurs/fri.  (I can only get out to play on a Tuesday and typically her profile popped up on either wednesday or thursday with availability for then and the day after.....if that makes sense!)


cheers VP. You're right, was Thursday and Friday last week and I was a lucky bastard  :yahoo:

Offline Arko

Got a text from Lana  today ( have asked her to inform me when she is coming out to play last time we met) saying she will be back in the area this week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately  :( I am stuck up the north with work this week and will not be able to get away so thought I would share the info  :cool:

Offline Mij

Thanks for the info Arko.......sadly I'm up in Edinburgh for the next few days...typical! :(

Offline nigel4498

Seems to be my luck with Lana this year too, on the few occasions she's around I'm not in town.  :cry:

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